Ryan Ao

Danielle Mathias

Kevin Dyer

Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Unit Stills/Behind The Scenes Photographer

Gaffer, Grip, Electric, Camera Operator

Ryan has over 20 years in the industry. He started with a passionate interest in developing his eye for street photography inspired by Henri Cartier Breson's "decisive moment", which influences his style as a cinematic storyteller. He loves nature and the Pacific Northwest. His biggest dream is to fly around the world in a UFO someday, but will settle for a ride in a rocket ship in the meantime. 

Jawan Ali

Danielle is an artists artist. She picked up a camera at a very young age and knew that she had a gift to share with the world. This gift has taken her on to Hollywood sets like Portlandia and many more. She brings a style that is bright and positive, with a knack for capturing precious candid moments and perfectly recreated scene stills.  She has a joy for the desert where she watches bugs do yoga a lot. 

Kevin is a technical genius. He is able to hack any vision into a perfectly executed, lighted, and captured shot. He has experience working on sets with over 100 people and 7 digit budgets. His personal equipment brings to the team a Hollywood level production that adds incredible quality. If Kevin had his way though he would be the proud owner of an all-in-one tattoo parlor/film gear shop/movie theater/laundromat.

Colin Arndt

Shannon Steed


Marketing Director

Jawan is a UCLA Film School Alumni screenwriter inspired by the halcyon days of creativity on the early internet  (Knoxskorner?). Through his vast array of scripts and crumpled outlines scattered around a bedroom, Jawan aspires to write the next big thing that'll get people logging on in new ways.  Jawan spends his time alone in a cave, desperately trying to figure out where his next ideas will take him.

Stephen is an expert in marketing, social media and copywriting, and turns advertising dollars into real profit. Head of cardiology, director of NASA, Grammy winner and king of made up titles, he was promoted to lead NASA after plummeting back to earth. Apparently he wasn't supposed to clean the cockpit with Armor All.

Art Director, Asst. Producer, Graphic Designer

Shannon is a graphic designer, commission painter, and muralist from San Diego with a passion for aesthetics and composition. She is passionate about the process of creation and the development of a cohesive vision and hopes to one day live in an art museum, painting and watching movies all day with her 7 dogs.

Constance Ao

Communications Director

Constance is a writer, a lover of people and has lived lifetimes as an observer. She understands communication through an empathic and grounded lens. Thus putting out fires and shining a flashlight on the meaning of communication through words is her specialty. She believes one day telepathic communication will clear up miscommunication, so keep your thoughts in check!

Derek Rowe

Motion Graphics Designer

Derek is a bohemian at heart. His art is asking the why, designing story, creating aesthetics, and doing it in whatever digital medium he can get his hands on. He is currently mastering the art of 360 camera productions, all while being a new father, lead singer of a band, and helping co-create an eco-friendly reusable to-go box company. Derek's probable life outcome will be that he outdoes Benjamin Franklin on the amount of things he masters in life. 

Skot Lindstedt

Camera Operator/Photographer

Anthony Vasiliadis

Cinematographer, Car Rig Operator

Jared Rowe

Motion Graphics Artist

Maggie Green

Hair and Makeup Artist

Skot has a graphic design background, turned photographer, turned videographer. His incredible sense of aesthetic beauty carries through all these crafts. His experience in the military has led him to create a youtube channel for helping veterans. In the meantime Skot dreams of building a log cabin like no other the world has seen...keep your eyes out on Airbnb for the worlds first Rastafarian Log Cabin. 

Anthony, our in-house Car Rig engineer, has a background in tech and IT. He has jumped into the world of cinematography with a can-do attitude and takes on any technical challenge like a bat out of a cave. Hailing from Greece he has a taste for the best food on set too. So you can be assured when he's on set, lunch will be tasty. Of course...his true heart desire is to live to 120 years old on the ancient greek isle for centennials while inventing the perfect hammock.  

Jared is the motion graphic/3d animation wizard that continues to blow everybody's minds. His self-taught skillset is an inspiring reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to. He's currently passionate about curating the world's first free stock video collection for a company called "Videezy". In every project he does though, his biggest dream is to someday create his own legacy in the form of a Star Wars Puppet Theater Island Retreat. 

Maggie is a makeup artist you want on set. She has been a makeup artist for over 25 years, starting her career in 1994 with Lancome as a Pro Team Artist under the great Ross Burton. With hair and styling services as well she works in all areas of media and has a keen eye for creative and styling of shoots. She is a wife and mom of two teenage boys, and in a house of boys she is the one to kill the spiders!

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