Sacred Rebel - Episode 5 GUEST: BREEUANA SAGDAL - BLM Protests, unity vs division, constitution

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Are you tired of the same old story? Do issues in America seem like groundhog day reruns? Does it feel like we should have made more progress in America since the Civil Rights act of the late 60's? Ryan Ao who (was recently supporting Ozzie Gonzales for Mayor of Portland, OR) and who leans left and Breeauna Sagdal who leans right (and happened to have just recently run for a Clackamas County Commissioner Seat), #meetinthemiddle in this profound conversation. Ryan met Breeauna during this week of #BlackLivesMatters #Protests in Portland Oregon that has caused a massive shift in momentum to helping black voices be heard in America. A byproduct of the rage across the nation has been sensitivities to anything positive mentioned about the #policetakingaknee, or any kind of criticism of the protester tactics as the cities across America were burned and looted, which has led to friends and families infighting even when they traditionally saw things the same way. There is a bunch of topics discussed including how important it is for America and the world right now to start to #reachacrosstheaisles and hear each others sides of the story. Ultimately we are all a lot more similar than we could ever imagine. There is already police department defunding happening like in Minneapolis, MN as of today, real legislative change being drafted up to help black lives and the historical roots of slavery in our country and the systemic issues of #racism and more that still exist. Discussion of the #constitution and how it was created to keep those in government in check by the people, also talk about the importance of following up after the protests by staying involved where the real important change will happen. There is also talk about other surprisingly divisive issues like #capandtrade and the negatives of that issue, the #elite and how they are intending to create #division between us all and how we can come together to disrupt those plans by standing together in #unity. Topics about organizations in Portland and Oregon that are trying to bring diverse viewpoints for dialogue, including examples of organizations like #Christian Communities supporting the #LGBTQ community in Portland.

Here's some resources mentioned in the interview:


The Treason of the Ruling Class:

Moving Forward Portland with Theressa Raiford (a past leader of the Black Lives Matter in Portland, OR and a 2 time Portland Mayoral Candidate):

Ozzie Gonzales A 2020 Portland Mayoral Candidate, Architect, Sustainability Advocate, Latino Community Voice, Portland Trimet Board Member:

Imago Dei Community (Christian Community that has majorly fundraised for and supported the LGBTQ Community and Q Center in Portland)

Muslim Educational Trust, A leader in interfaith dialogue in Portland, Oregon, and the USA.

timberunity, a Community surrounding the workers, families, and rural communities of Oregon, against the Cap and Trade legislation in Oregon that would hurt their livelihoods:

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