Sacred Rebel Episode 1 Podcast - Where do we go from here and life between lives

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A deep dive into the mind of Ryan Ao with topics ranging in these areas: Life Between Lives, Secret Space Program, Extraterrestrial Life Possibilities, Free Energy, Space Craft, Tibetan Buddhism, New Age Mystic Experiences , Ayahuasca Journeying, Native American Mysticism, Shared experiences in altered states, Time slips, Telepathy, Mandala Effect, Animals getting smarter, Kid Evolution/Rainbow Children. Spiral Dynamics, The Work by Byron Katie, Forest Therapy, Light Therapy, Other alternative healing modalities, dreams, Flying dreams , Dreamwork, Psychics, and much more


Life between lives, journey of souls, Destiny of souls, Micheal Newton, Phd, soul groups, spirit guides...and topics from deep within Ryan Ao's heart-mind that don't get talked about too much. Live between lives, spiritual mysticism, truth theories and disclosure, insiders whistleblowing on a space program of which the true knowledge of publicly could change the world for the better, free energy, healing technologies, a new earth, alternative healing, sustainability, and much more. A deep dive into the mind of Ryan Ao with topics ranging in these areas: Life Between Lives, Secret Space Program, Extraterrestrial Life Possibilities, Free Energy, Space Craft, Tibetan Buddhism, New Age Mystic Experiences , Ayahuasca Journeying, Native American Mysticism, Shared experiences in altered states, Time slips, Telepathy, Mandala Effect, Animals getting smarter, Kid Evolution/Rainbow Children. Spiral Dynamics, The Work Byron Katie, Forest Therapy, Light Therapy, Other alternative healing modalities, dreams, Flying dreams , Dreamwork, Psychics, Kauai mysticism, Mu, Lemuria, Crystal under island, birthing stone, Anastasia birth story, ryan seeing her in astral plane, Sustainable communities as social experiments/laboratories, Permaculture, sustainability, gardening, natural building, sacred geometry, crop circles, Akashic Records (Readings), Initiation with Matias, Cosmic Disclosure, Gaia TV, David Wilcock, Q anon, Anonymous, David Icke, Sarah Adams, Insiders like: Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Laura Eisenhower, Pete Peterson, Randy Kramer, Clifford Stone, David Adair, John Lear, Jason Rice, Tony Rodrigues, Anastasia Ringing Cedars of Russia books, The Alchemist, The Celestine Prophesy, Cosmic history, spiritual ascension, Covid-19 and the economic situation, and more.

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00:06 alright alright alright I'm hoping that

00:09 I'm live now let's see here

00:12 hi all it's right now trying to figure

00:14 out how this restream thing works and

00:17 trying to go live right now let's see my

00:20 life and my wife looks like I am awesome

00:23 okay cool um hi y'all

00:26 I'm doing a new show on my YouTube

00:31 Facebook live

00:34 Instagram Twitter using restream it's

00:38 pretty cool you can go live to all these

00:40 accounts at once one of the things I'm

00:42 trying to do is not only do a live but

00:46 pull out the audio into a podcast with

00:48 this so I'm doing a new one and this is

00:51 just strictly for me for my heart to

00:54 share with you all I have another

00:56 podcast called the flip which is where I

00:57 her hear your stories about your flips

01:00 how you've turned negative situations in

01:03 your life into positives but this one is

01:05 about me getting to share more about

01:09 thoughts that I've had for like 20 years

01:12 or more and just never really talked

01:14 about with anybody because they're not

01:16 really that kosher to talk about and

01:21 since so I I'm just trying to find a new

01:25 format where I can talk and share my

01:27 ideas mostly for me to kind of just get

01:31 them off my chest and have a recording

01:33 of them and if people want to listen

01:36 totally cool if they don't totally cool

01:39 too if this stuff is difficult to hear

01:43 you can just ignore it or if it's really

01:47 resonating with you

01:48 you can listen I'm gonna leave comments

01:51 on and see how it goes if I start

01:53 getting any really negative comments

01:55 I'll probably just turn off comments in

01:57 the future but I just really want to

01:59 share my thoughts and hopefully it

02:01 impacts you and if it doesn't no worries

02:04 so yeah so I mean I'm going to talk

02:06 about kinds of things deep dives into

02:10 life between lives secret

02:14 space program extraterrestrial life

02:16 possibilities free energy spacecraft

02:19 Tibetan Buddhism new-age mysticus is

02:23 ayahuasca journeying by the way all this

02:26 is stuff that I've either experienced or

02:28 been studying for years and practicing

02:31 native-american mysticism shared

02:34 experiences and altered states time

02:37 slips telepathy mandala effect animal is

02:43 getting smarter kid evolution rainbow

02:47 children spiral dynamics the work by

02:50 byron katie forest therapy light therapy

02:54 other alternative healing modalities

02:58 dreams

02:59 hi sweets can you not be in the kitchen

03:03 right now I'm doing a lot of it it's

03:05 really loud

03:05 thanks sweets okay thanks love

03:08 appreciate it I love you okay sorry

03:13 interruptions of life let's see oh

03:19 thanks Tara I appreciate you saying

03:22 thank you for stepping in this sharing

03:23 yeah you're welcome

03:26 let's see so where was I

03:29 we were talking about all these things

03:30 I've been talked about okay so other

03:32 healing modalities dreams flying dreams

03:35 dream work let's see psychic and

03:40 psychics kawaii mysticism MU Lemuria

03:46 crystal under that Island the birthing

03:49 stone the sacred birthing stone on the

03:51 island and the portals Anastasia's birth

03:54 story Ryan seeing me seeing her in the

03:58 astral plane sustainable communities as

04:01 social experiments in laboratories

04:03 permaculture sustainability gardening

04:06 natural building sacred geometry crop

04:09 circles Akashic records and readings

04:12 from them the show initiation with

04:14 Matthias on Gaia TV as well as cosmic

04:17 disclosure David Wilcock and my thoughts

04:21 on him queueing on and my thoughts on

04:23 that anonymous and my thoughts on that

04:25 David Icke and thoughts on that

04:27 Sarah Adams and my thoughts on her

04:30 insiders like Corey Goode Emery Smith

04:33 David Icke I already said him hold on

04:39 Laura I'm getting lost in all these

04:42 words sorry and Adams is a local friend

04:49 of mine who's a psychic and she knows a

04:51 person well she's more of a Chandler and

04:54 she knows Laura Eisenhower who is

04:57 President Eisenhower's

05:00 great-granddaughter

05:01 who's all an insider to the secret space

05:04 program Pete Peterson Randy Cramer

05:06 Clifford stone these are all

05:08 whistleblowers especially to the secret

05:10 space program

05:11 David Adair John Mayer Jason rice Tony

05:15 Rodriguez those are all people I've been

05:17 studying and listening to through

05:19 various sources over the years and I'd

05:20 love to share some of the things they've

05:21 said that make me really think about

05:24 life Anastacia ringing cedars of russia

05:28 books those are good The Alchemist The

05:32 Celestine Prophecy talk about cosmic

05:35 history spiritual ascension and finally

05:38 I have an idea at some point to talk

05:40 about Kovan 19 in the economic situation

05:42 and more so these are all kinds of

05:45 things that I want to just start laying

05:47 out on the table and who knows maybe

05:49 each one of these topics will have their

05:50 own session and yeah I'm just gonna kind

05:56 of lay it all out there so you know I

06:00 just want to say the first thing that

06:02 comes to mind when I start all this it's

06:05 just talking about how I feel like our

06:08 culture and our world has been us kind

06:11 of like controlled you know and and and

06:16 with that we've been asleep to that fact

06:20 and it's interesting to me that it's now

06:24 2020 and we are past the two thousand

06:31 twelve idea that we would have had this

06:35 big world-changing event and we're also

06:41 going into a stage right now where the

06:43 world is rapidly possibly going to

06:45 change forever due to code 19 and this

06:48 virus and so where do we go from what it

06:51 what are the things that are going to be

06:53 important to us all to pay attention to

06:56 going on from here and I I personally

06:59 feel like these kinds of topics have to

07:03 play a part in our discussion and if

07:06 they don't we're really gonna miss the

07:08 boat and stay asleep and I want us to

07:11 wake up and I think what will happen

07:13 when we wake up is will force a lot of

07:16 truths to come out into the public forum

07:18 and that will cause massive shifts for

07:22 the positive for our planet I think the

07:27 wall has been pulled over our eyes by

07:29 the elite and whoever those people may

07:32 be I believe that it's time for us to

07:35 demand the truth as a collective and

07:37 it's only through discussions like this

07:40 that we'll we'll get that you know Mark

07:43 Twain has a famous quote that says it's

07:45 easier to fool people than to tell them

07:49 or to than to convince them that they

07:51 have been fooled it's easier to fool

07:54 people than to convince them that they

07:56 have been fooled so for people who don't

07:59 want to believe that they've been fooled

08:01 they keep getting fooled I think there's

08:05 something to that I think a lot of

08:07 people have to justify their existence

08:09 and their life that they live for

08:12 decades and decades they've invested so

08:14 much into it they've invested money time

08:17 effort resources their careers their

08:21 livelihoods they've built their homes

08:23 they built their estates they've built

08:25 you know connected networks of similar

08:28 might like-minded people and if any one

08:31 of these thought processes or truths was

08:35 to really seep into their mind then it

08:37 might start on you know undoing some of

08:41 that might cause that house of cards to

08:44 crumble so to speak and it really is a

08:47 house of cards that our society has been

08:48 built on as you can see with this world

08:50 crumbling the way it is after only two

08:52 months of a closure

08:54 like problems that has caused for so

08:56 many people I think it's getting kind of

08:59 obvious that it's time to talk about

09:00 these things so I feel like one of the

09:05 things I want to mention too is that you

09:07 know people who might not want to talk

09:11 about this too often get very defensive

09:13 and say things that are very negative

09:18 and I know that I'm opening myself up to

09:21 a lot of that and you know one of the

09:23 things that I want to say too is that I

09:25 am a white male and I understand that

09:28 and I was talking with my friend Rachel

09:30 balanced up the other night and I had a

09:32 long discussion with her about how it's

09:35 not my place in this world to really be

09:37 on the soapbox anymore I had my chance

09:40 with my movie within reach this one back

09:42 here where I traveled on bike around to

09:45 the gosh it was it was a hundred

09:50 sustainable communities six thousand

09:52 five six thousand five hundred miles

09:55 around the United States and I you know

09:59 made a movie about it it was it was done

10:01 with my partner Amanda Creighton at the

10:06 time and hi Tyler I see that you made a

10:09 like on here good to see you

10:12 and so you know during that time of my

10:16 life I really had a platform I had a

10:17 huge audience we had like 25 thousand

10:19 followers and huge huge number of more

10:23 people that probably saw the film

10:25 worldwide we're guessing at least a

10:27 hundred thousand you know from all there

10:30 was over 50 screenings worldwide we did

10:32 over 50 presentations and just you know

10:36 beyond that who knows how many people

10:37 saw it you know on the internet or

10:39 bought DVDs shared it with their friends

10:42 and family and so that was a great

10:45 opportunity for me to talk at least

10:46 about sustainability and permaculture

10:48 and natural building and community more

10:52 than anything about how sustainable

10:54 community can really be a way for us to

10:56 save the planet although I have

10:58 different feelings about that movement

11:00 now after all those years

11:02 not anything negative but just I'm in a

11:05 different place

11:06 wanting to live on the land in the

11:08 community say or in same spot with a

11:11 bunch of people I think I'm more likely

11:14 to be living in my own home with my own

11:17 family on our own plot of land next to

11:19 other people who are living sustainably

11:22 or or not but like for example maybe in

11:24 a community like a talent a small town

11:26 that has a lot of consciousness to it so

11:29 that would be kind of like where we're

11:30 at right now and we still very much

11:32 believe you can do a lot of the things

11:33 that are embodied in this poster you

11:36 know from gardening to community meals

11:40 to you know doing shared workshops or

11:43 you know share knowledge sharing or

11:45 raising kids together in you know not in

11:49 a communal setting but like you know

11:50 having play dates all the time and

11:52 supporting each other as families and

11:54 you know really building a lot more

11:57 community than we see in this mainstream

11:59 world today although I see a lot of

12:01 efforts going towards that and so I'm

12:03 also wanting to talk about all the

12:05 positive things that I've seen over the

12:07 years because it's there and it doesn't

12:09 get covered in the media for sure or

12:11 talked about in the mainstream and so

12:15 for today I'm just kind of giving you an

12:18 overview of all the things that I'm

12:20 planning to get into and talk about I'm

12:23 probably not gonna let's see should I

12:24 get into anything today so they talk

12:27 about one of these topics today

12:28 let's see mm-hmm well at Tara you said

12:37 yes people get defensive a lot when

12:39 topics outside of comfort zone are

12:40 raised I've struggled my whole life with

12:42 finding people to talk to and explore

12:45 existential topics with well it's hard I

12:47 hope this can be a space where we can

12:49 all jump on together and do that I find

12:53 myself in a place where I need that kind

12:55 of community to Hara and I find that I

12:58 get just too fearful of kind of the

13:02 comments that I and hate that I've seen

13:04 towards other people that talk about

13:06 these things for example David Wilcock

13:08 that that guy I mean he has just been

13:10 destroyed on the internet and it's sad

13:13 because I actually deeply resonate with

13:15 a lot of the things he says I mean I

13:17 always deeply resonate with

13:19 him as a person I think he's a he's been

13:23 learning a lot about himself and he's

13:26 even admitted that he has the same kind

13:27 of personality as Trump which is really

13:30 self-aware because I kind of agree with

13:32 that but um I have some of those

13:35 characteristics too you know like and

13:37 getting back to them being a white male

13:39 I mean that even just that

13:40 characteristic clone he's a white male

13:42 I'm a white male I mean we're kind of at

13:45 this point in history where it should be

13:47 women talking it should be other

13:50 ethnicities minorities it should be

13:52 LGBTQ movement it should be anybody and

13:56 everybody besides me a white man but I

13:58 wanted to say that after talking with my

14:01 dear friend Rachel who's biracial she's

14:03 a female she's beautiful she's very very

14:06 smart she's starting a podcast soon so

14:09 look out for that Rachel ballensat I

14:10 think it's Rachel doll life if you go to

14:14 her website you can find out more I just

14:17 feel like people like her you need to

14:19 really be the one speaking for us and

14:21 the wisdom that I may have may maybe may

14:25 be good but it's not it's not even that

14:28 important because white men have had

14:29 their chance in history you know but I

14:32 will say this and here's the point I

14:34 think the one thing that is my place to

14:36 do right now is go ahead and be the

14:38 brunt of the effort to spearhead this

14:41 and then I can peel off and let others

14:43 take it from there you know so like I'll

14:46 take the brunt over the criticism I'll

14:47 take the brunt of hate or people not

14:50 being interested or people getting

14:52 defensive about this that's fine I hope

14:54 that those comments don't come my way

14:55 and if they do I might disable comments

14:57 all together but I just really want to

15:00 get this stuff out there and start

15:02 helping contribute to that discussion

15:04 you know Tara says we collectively need

15:09 to own our stories and own our own

15:12 darkness and ARF and you're free mine is

15:14 valuable and needed in this world Thank

15:16 You Tara I appreciate that

15:17 is it Terror at aura yeah and so I feel

15:20 like you know that's a really good point

15:22 you're making there I am I feel like our

15:25 own stories or what's most important and

15:27 I actually had this revelation the other

15:29 night when I was thinking about now

15:31 talking about all this stuff anymore

15:33 especially publicly I was thinking you

15:36 know but Who am I what's that Margaret

15:38 Mead quote or mark no or is it Marian

15:42 Robinson it's or somebody said it it's

15:44 like who are we to not shine our

15:47 brightest light for fear of others being

15:50 intimidated by it it's like yeah that's

15:51 exactly right like my own story is the

15:55 only thing I have to work on in this

15:57 life it doesn't even need to be shared

16:00 it's literally between me and the

16:02 universe or me and God or whatever you

16:04 want to call that higher power that I

16:06 believe exists it's really between me

16:08 and that and there's nobody else that

16:10 matters in this world between me and God

16:13 because we're all reflections of God

16:15 right or that greater power we're all

16:18 the ones that matter because our

16:20 evolution is important in the sense that

16:23 I think we're all reflections or maybe

16:28 mirror images that or you know I think

16:34 we've been removed from that source and

16:36 become millions and billions and

16:38 billions of little particles that are

16:39 trying to make their way back in but

16:41 before we make our way back in the

16:44 source probably wanted to experience the

16:48 universe as many infinite possible

16:50 perspectives as possible and each one of

16:53 those infinite perspectives each one of

16:55 us needs to have an evolutionary journey

16:59 of getting back to the highest self and

17:02 so right now we're removed and for a

17:05 reason and that's because our

17:06 perspective everything we're

17:08 experiencing is important and so my own

17:12 deep you know just dismissing my own

17:15 feelings of well I have all these

17:18 feelings I have all these thoughts about

17:19 the secret space program or you know

17:23 ayahuasca or Tibetan Buddhism or New Age

17:26 thinking or whatever like those sure

17:29 they get dismissed by the mainstream but

17:31 do they need to be a bit of this might

17:33 be by me no they don't they need to be

17:35 explored by me they need to be shared

17:39 with myself and and God and I thought

17:41 you know while I'm doing all that

17:44 why not share it with others because hey

17:47 maybe it'll actually help and I think

17:49 that's part of the problem with the

17:51 world right now is that we don't have a

17:53 place in this world where we feel

17:56 comfortable sharing these kinds of ideas

17:59 and during quarantine we all took to the

18:02 internet and started you know sharing

18:05 more so I'm thinking well I know it

18:08 quarantine is kind of slowing down now

18:10 and kind of missed the boat on that but

18:12 I'm glad quarantine slowing down but hey

18:16 maybe it's my turn to just open my mind

18:20 and share my little diary my journal

18:22 entry with you all so I hope that that

18:24 is something that can help people yeah

18:28 so with that let's see what do I want to

18:30 talk about today maybe I'll talk a

18:31 little bit about you know let's just if

18:34 we're gonna talk about anything like all

18:37 these topics there's got to be kind of a

18:40 route place to start and the route place

18:42 to start for me is some evidence that

18:45 I've discovered a long time ago from a

18:47 book called a journey of souls called

18:50 life between or it's called actually

18:52 it's called a YA journey of souls and

18:54 it's about life between lives in the

18:57 book let's see I'm gonna pull it up here

18:59 journey of souls is by a doctor of

19:05 Western medicine

19:07 his name is Michael Newton mi CH AE L

19:11 Newton PhD I'll put the Amazon link here

19:16 and he wrote basically a book

19:21 documenting life between lives because

19:27 he is a he was a Western medicine like

19:31 psychologists I think and he did like a

19:36 hypnotherapy process with people to help

19:39 them kind of find healing through their

19:44 childhood so he would kind of he would

19:45 hypnotize them and bring them back to

19:47 childhood and it would it would create

19:52 some sort of ability for him to walk

19:55 them through

19:56 there there trauma there childhood

20:00 trauma that was causing them to need

20:02 counseling to begin with so or therapy

20:04 so he would really find that that was

20:08 working with people even as a Western

20:09 medicine doctor so that was cool

20:11 so what happened a couple times is he

20:14 accidentally hypnotized him used

20:18 hypnotherapy to regress it's called age

20:21 regression that's what I was trying to

20:22 remember he aged regressed them back

20:25 before birth and they just started

20:28 describing things that you would only

20:30 describe his if you were not a human and

20:33 you were in another realm and he calls

20:36 it the astral plane or the astral realm

20:39 I think it's been so long since I read

20:42 this book so I'll give you just the gist

20:44 of it and so he was able to he'd

20:49 accidentally did it like two times and

20:51 both people who didn't know each other

20:52 were kind of talking about the same

20:53 things like describing the same things

20:56 and seeing the same similar things and

20:58 so he's like this is really interesting

20:59 weird so I'm gonna try to develop tests

21:03 and experiments to see if I can do this

21:05 age regression and Beyond live life like

21:09 to life between lives multiple times

21:12 because one of the things he figured out

21:14 was that people were talking about being

21:15 reincarnated or living multiple lives

21:17 which aligned with like Buddhism and

21:19 other you know Hinduism and other

21:21 religions like that so he thought well

21:24 this is interesting so he basically was

21:26 able to develop a technique of age

21:28 regression people which went on for his

21:31 own research for 30 years I mean this

21:33 became his life his full-time job and he

21:36 ended up writing a book with excerpts

21:38 from the transcriptions of those

21:39 sessions and it he like kind of

21:41 categorized like what did all these

21:43 people all these years say about heaven

21:45 what did all these people say about life

21:47 reviews what did they say about

21:49 reincarnation and then it goes even

21:52 deeper is like what what did they say

21:54 about suicide what did they say about

21:56 people like Hitler what did they say

21:58 about this thing called soul groups and

22:01 what did they say about love and on and

22:03 on and on spiritual guides and it was

22:07 amazing to read that book that book

22:08 really changed my life

22:10 um you know I came from a Christian

22:12 background and I still really really

22:14 love you know the ideas that are shared

22:18 in the Bible especially the New

22:20 Testament you know Jesus has been a

22:23 spiritual mentor for me all my life and

22:26 a spiritual guide I still take a lot

22:29 from the Christian religion and then I

22:32 also went on to study Buddhism after I

22:35 read that book because the whole idea of

22:38 reincarnation opened in my mind like wow

22:40 this is like almost like a scientific

22:42 book because he really approached his

22:44 technique

22:45 with age regression in a very scientific

22:47 way that was accepted by many Western

22:49 that is accepted by Western medicine for

22:52 therapy then I thought well there's

22:54 something to look into here and and so I

22:56 studied started studying Tibetan

22:58 Buddhism which is you know an incredible

23:02 Tibetan Buddhism isn't even more

23:04 mystical than just regular Buddhism and

23:06 it's kind of like the hippy new-age part

23:09 of or mystic part of Tibetan Buddhism

23:12 and so you know by learning and studying

23:15 Tibetan Buddhism for many many years I

23:17 think five years and I'm still you know

23:19 like Christianity I still incorporate

23:23 the practise of Tibetan Buddhism in my

23:26 life on a daily basis and I I find that

23:31 the life between lives is I really

23:35 resonate with it I don't I will never

23:37 forget reading that book and the other

23:39 the second one there's another one

23:40 destiny of souls I'll never forget just

23:44 the deep resonance I felt from that book

23:47 and how I was able to just for the first

23:51 time in my life go somebody's speaking

23:53 this something that I feel deeply in my

23:55 heart and soul is true and that I've

23:57 always felt is there and it was like

23:59 okay this is this is something that pay

24:03 attention to and you know and I think

24:06 that started happening around the same

24:08 time I was starting to investigate you

24:10 know I called the truth theories about

24:13 you know space program free energy like

24:18 Tesla stuff like that so you know I was

24:22 really kind of at that point my life

24:24 to really open up to their stuff going

24:27 on that we don't talk about in our

24:28 society so that was really fun and it's

24:32 it's been a long time so I really aim at

24:35 Jacobs how's it going I really think

24:38 that if you want to explore you know

24:43 what the other realms look like um you

24:47 know check out what journey of souls say

24:50 you know one of the things that they

24:52 really resonate with and I think I'll

24:54 talk about here for a second is this

24:56 thing called soul groups have you ever

24:57 felt in your life like you've met a

25:00 partner or even a friend that just felt

25:03 like a soul mate to you but that you

25:05 also felt like you've met a couple other

25:07 people in your life that were like that

25:08 and you just feel like this idea of soul

25:11 mates is it's true like there's these

25:13 people that you've resonated with so

25:14 deeply that you feel like you just know

25:17 them and everything about them you

25:19 almost know like feel like you've known

25:21 them for eternity well that's a concept

25:24 that he talks about in journey of souls

25:26 and that were connected with people on

25:29 the soul level in these things called

25:31 soul groups and he kind of maps out like

25:35 you're you're in your central soul group

25:38 right and this and there's this one like

25:41 group of people that are like about 10

25:43 15 to 15 people maybe 20 and those are

25:47 the people that you've been

25:48 reincarnating with for many many lives

25:50 some of them in that group have been

25:52 your wife many times or your husband

25:54 many times or your teacher or your mom

25:58 and your dad or your sister brother but

25:59 you've lived the oh you or some of them

26:01 but all those roles and they've played

26:03 every different role like so maybe my

26:04 wife Constanze who I believe is my soul

26:06 mate in my soul group do you believe I'm

26:08 in your soul group Constance yeah I

26:11 believe she is a person I've probably

26:15 actually I feel like we believe that

26:17 this might be the first time we've been

26:18 lovers do you believe that Constance

26:21 yeah and I feel like in the end past

26:23 lives we've played other roles like she

26:25 might have been my mom or a teacher for

26:27 me or I feel like maybe a brother or

26:30 sister but she's I feel like this is the

26:32 first time we've really gotten to live a

26:33 life together as lovers because it just

26:36 feels so new

26:37 but anyways on that point then there's

26:40 other people in our lives that maybe

26:42 they feel really deeply connected but

26:44 maybe not quite at that soul group level

26:47 and that's actually a thing he describes

26:48 as like imagine lines going out from

26:51 this central circle right and it's

26:54 creating kind of like a mandala and then

26:56 there's all these other small circles

26:57 over here and those are all other soul

26:59 groups but there might be a person in

27:01 this other soul group that you're really

27:02 connected to and that you've seen

27:04 multiple times in these lives or they've

27:05 played a minor role in your life like a

27:08 teacher or even just one of those like

27:10 the angel on the sidewalk that saves you

27:13 from getting hit by the bus or and

27:14 they've maybe done that multiple times

27:16 for you in their life or maybe there are

27:18 a little bit of a you're maybe maybe

27:20 you're a jokester and you like to have

27:21 fun and they're this person that you

27:22 just really love and you relate to so

27:24 every time you live lives together you

27:26 get together and do fun jokey things or

27:29 whatever you know and just have fun to

27:31 ensure it maybe just encourage each

27:33 other lift each other up or whatever and

27:34 then he goes on to describe there's so

27:38 many you know I think there's infinite

27:41 number of these soul groups right that

27:43 create the network of the universe and

27:45 all the souls in the astral plane and

27:47 there's you know countless countless

27:49 souls again it goes back to that

27:52 description of God that I believe is

27:54 that God kind of like sent us all out as

27:56 an almost infinite number of particles

27:58 to experience the universe and then come

28:02 back to him or her or it and I believe

28:06 that there's just so many soul groups

28:09 that they're all on different levels

28:11 like maybe something like I've heard in

28:14 that book that we're constantly creating

28:15 new souls or the universe is constantly

28:17 creating new soul so some of the souls

28:19 that are out there are ancient and all

28:22 in those souls that are really ancient

28:24 have evolved almost back to God or even

28:27 some of them have evolved back into God

28:29 but the ones that are still interacting

28:33 with us may be made up made a commitment

28:36 which the Tibetan Buddhist religion

28:38 calls the bodhichitta valent evolved the

28:41 bodhichitta which is - even though

28:43 they've reached the highest levels

28:45 before going back into God or the source

28:48 we call the source

28:50 they have made a vow to come back and

28:53 help us set ascend or evolve back into

28:56 those highest realms so these are

28:59 teachers and they're very rare and they

29:01 do come and interact with us and we all

29:04 have them in they're called spirit

29:05 guides or soul teachers or spirit

29:07 teachers and so it talks about that a

29:09 lot and and constants my wife is

29:11 actually incredibly in touch with them I

29:13 believe she's probably more in touch

29:15 with her spirit guides than anybody I've

29:18 ever seen because she's just constantly

29:19 calling them in every day and I see the

29:22 results of it in her life and our lives

29:24 and the magic that it creates and you

29:26 know I was actually studying Tibetan

29:28 Buddhism for five years and part of our

29:30 meditation which was a one-hour in the

29:33 morning and one hour at night to two

29:35 hours a day

29:35 it was a call a part of it was a call

29:39 out to our spirit guides and our elders

29:42 and our spiritual teachers to come and

29:44 teach us and so during that time of my

29:46 life I believe I have a lot of contact

29:49 and help from those really powerful

29:52 teachers and I missed that and I want to

29:54 call that in again and so part of this

29:56 is to remind myself to get in touch with

29:59 those peeps so yeah so sacred rebels

30:04 peeps this is all going to become a

30:07 podcast as well so look out for that

30:10 I'll be posting the podcast URL here

30:14 when I get it the audio stripped out and

30:16 then it published which will hopefully

30:18 be soon and I don't know how often I'll

30:21 do this what do you think sweetie how

30:23 often should I do this how as often as I

30:27 feel at least at least once a week if

30:30 not more hopefully more we'll see but um

30:33 I'll try to keep it a regular thing so

30:35 when I figure that out all I'll put a

30:37 note out there on the on the on the

30:40 Internet and let you all know and keep

30:42 your eyes out for this and comment if

30:45 you want to hopefully productive

30:47 constructive things let's leave out the

30:49 hate people and love on people alright

30:53 see you guys have a good day and have

30:57 fun with the world reopening I hope that

30:59 hope that people are having a little bit

31:03 more

31:04 freedom and abundance in your lives so

31:09 talk to you later bye

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