Portland Oregon USA Police take a knee with protestors -video clips and photos - AO Productions

PLEASE SHARE THIS NEEDED GOOD NEWS! Ryan Ao saw and filmed Portland Police officers and protesters taking a knee and hugging and shaking hands today 💓. People were chanting “keep them on our side”. saw peaceful Protests happening downtown Portland at Justice Center (i was driving by and though it was important to share)

here's a clip of the moment it happened:

Downloadable clip of this video:


Here’s all my photo/video footage captured during the day on sunday 5/31/20

Continuing to document and upload today so keep checking!


You can Call me at 503.451.6582 if you want more info or an interview at any time on this important moment in history.

Please do credit me:

For credits -any of these:

My name is Ryan Ao

My website is ryanao.com

Fb and IG @ao.emotion.driven.story

thank you!

Ryan Ao



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