How To Cinematically Light a Scene for a "High Key" and a "Natural" well lit look with a dreamy look

When filming the Pacific Residential Mortgage TV commercial video, AO Productions hired Cinema Mastery founder and teacher Eric Thayne of Celadora Productions to be a lighting consultant on the project. We also hired a behind-the-scenes videographer to capture how we set up each scene that day. We worked with Eric to put together a video series on how to light the scenes like we did. The videos are split up into 5 days (1 scene or so a day). The last video is a how to video Ryan put together about different types of transparent objects you can put in front of the lens to create the dreamy foreground object look that was a theme for this commercial video. At the end of this blog you can see a series of 7 short "breakout" edits that are 15-30 seconds long that were used for social media.

The commercial videos were a huge success, and were distributed on many different platforms and mediums. There were 19,000 hits on the Pac Res Facebook page for this video, and there's over 7 million people in the Portland metropolitan area that could have seen the Pac Res TV commercial over the months that it was showing on the tv station. Not to mention the shorter breakout videos were used all across social media platforms, email, and more. Of course the main video below was used on the website and Facebook header bars. People love it and it continues to be one of the most loved and touching video in the AO Productions history...generating much buzz in not only Portland, Oregon but far beyond as well.

"More than Just a Home", AO Productions (Final commercial for Pac Res):

KOIN TV's version for a 15 second TV Commercial spot in the Greater Portland metro:


DAY 1:

DAY 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Dreamy Look Lens Objects for Filming Tutorial:

AO Productions series of 15-30 second Social Media Short Videos for Pac Res:

Pac Res Breakout 1:

Pac Res Breakout 2:

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Pac Res Breakout 3:

Pac Res Breakout 4:

Pac Res Breakout 5:

Pac Res Breakout 6:

Pac Res Breakout 7:

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