Sacred Rebel - Episode 4: PAUL BROOKS, Spiral Dynamics, Sustainable Community, UBI, & Crypto


Ryan Ao met Paul Brooks while both were living on Kauai, Hawaii, and involved in sustainable communities and sustainable farming projects. Paul is a deep thinker, analyst of sustainable communities pros and cons. world traveler visiting sustainable communities worldwide, a writer with several upcoming books, a researcher and more. Topics discussed include: what the financial system could become after COVID-19, Universal Basic Income (UBI) practicalities bitcoin and other crypto currencies, spiral dynamics, compassionate communication, Vietnam, villages, and much more. There is a moment towards the latter half of the episode where the connection gets cut of, and we pick up the call the next day. The topic gets changed pretty quickly, yet it stays engaging. A vast variety of topics are uncovered that's for sure!


Rupert Sheldrake morphic resonance:

Henry George Progress and Poverty

Initiation, Matias De Stefano on Gaia TV:

Abraham, Esther Hicks,

Bashar, Darryl Anka

Dr. Joe Dispenza,

Spiral Dynamics Illustration Google Image Search:

Ken Wilbur on Spiral Dynamics,

Don Edward Beck, Spiral Dynamics,

Marshall Rosenberg, Non-Violent Communication (NVC, Aka Compassionate Communication or Collaborative Communication),

The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace, M. Scott Peck:

Within Reach Movie Free Online Here:

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