How AO made a commercial video production to get men to drink Rosé

"And Why Am I Mr. Pink"

Starring: John Branch (IMDB Link)

Product: And Why Am I Mr. Pink, Rosé Wine, by: The Underground Wine Project

This commercial was a spark of a dinner conversation that was just one of those "you-had-to-be-there" moments.

Basically we ended up with a bottle of Rosé on the table (from a different company than this bottle by The Underground Wine Project), and we all joked about "who actually drinks Rosé wine?" None of us did and it was actually a pretty good wine and we were impressed with it having a dry characteristic rather than a sweet one.

We though it was obvious that rosé has a target audience of wealthy women. We thought it would be funny to have a rough man talking about his hunting stories, while eating a pink salmon, with a pink shirt on, with pink salt crystal, and pink Rosé wine at a pink candelit dinner by himself...just enjoying it fully.

One thing led to another and it became a challenge. Could we make a funny yet serious commercial to try to get men to drink Rosé?

This became a sort of marketing challenge and I gladly took it on.

My dear friend John Branch whom I've filmed in a short film project lately, and who has extensive experience on major hollywood sets (such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith) as an extra and a stuntman, agreed to be the star of this passion project.

When I was preparing props for the commercial...and went to the store to buy the rosé we had drank at dinner with our friends, I realized that the wine was a French wine and a "floofy" wine probably best to be marketed to wealthy women. So i decided to look for a different brand. I miraculously came across a bottle of wine that looked like a very plain rough handwritten label that said "Am Why Am I Mr. Pink"....PERFECT! What a synchronicity as this was perfect Rosé for what I wanted to try to market to men.

While we were putting the script together we knew we wanted to let John improvise so we didn't create a script...but rather just gave John some ideas so as not to constrict his he is a comic genius from what I had observed on set last time. He has an uncanny knack for one liners AFTER the actual line that are even better than the scripted line...but usually just get cut and put on the blooper reel.

This time we wanted to let him shine.

So when we got on the road to get out to this beautiful airbnb in Molalla on the river, we had this line that really struck us...what if we played into the political landscape that we currently live in with this commercial, by having him say something about how real men are not afraid of a little color.

Ultimately that's what this commercial means to me. It's not just a funny line about how real mean aren't afraid of pink, it's about how real men aren't afraid of any, white, yellow, brown. The color of your skin, the color of your wine, the color of your flag...why be afraid? Maybe we should all start off on our journey towards tolerance and drinking a little more rosé...and getting in touch with our pink side. ;)

and maybe then...the reservior dogs character who famously said this line...won't be so afraid of his gang name after all!

And hey...this bottle of wine is wonderful! It's actually dry and is the perfect Rosé starter for men.


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