SEO Keywords - Part 2 - Top 5 ways video for social media can help your business profit

Recently I wrote a blog about the top 5 ways video for social media can help your business profit and you can read that here.

For the next 5 weeks I will be doing a 5 part series (6 interrelated blogs in total) that will go more in depth on the top 5 list.

This week we will look at the first item on the list:


Did you know that sometimes videos show up on Google and other search engine results? These videos usually show up right at the top of your search results and will often be the first thing people will click and look at...especially if they are catchy video titles and keywords and a good thumbnail, and most importantly are relevant to the search and your target audience. Below is an example I showed in part 1 of this series of how that can look. Especially important to notice is my business highlighed in the sidebar which is called a "One Pack", which really helps your business stand out on search results.

Notice how a video I keyworded in the title, description, and keywords section with "Portland muslim wedding videographer" showed up right on top of the search results...and right below my website. That's a double whammy excellent scenario because right there on Google is everything my target audience will need. 1) my website 2) a relevant video that they can watch immediately to learn more in depth about my services relevant to their search. Not to mention on the "one pack" on the side bar they can get even more relevant information like 3) reviews, 4) a map to my business, 5) my phone number and 6) hours. This is an ideal search result for your business to profit more and get more "conversions" or people searching that turn into actual sales.

Just like Facebook is putting special priority over Facebook Live in feeds now, the internet in general LOVES video. Most big internet portals push video it helps to have that video content that you provide, loaded up with keywords in the title, description, and keywords section because they will get pushed to the top of the search this did. This video above took less than a month to rise to the top of this search result on Google! Of course it all depends too on how competitive your search term is. That get's us into a nice transition here.

So today let's dive in to how to make this happen for your business and help get more interaction and eyes on your business...and thus more profit!


First, your business needs to be able to know your target audience before you can use the proper keywords. If you haven't figured out your target audience yet, you might want to consult with a business mentor on how to do this. Mary Chapman has been my business coach and I highly recommend her. She's got great tools and resources to help you figure out your target audience. You are looking to know more about the people you want to target. It's the wiser business practice to aim your message and business towards a niche market rather than try to capture the attention of the entire market. It's especially helpful because when you find a niche there's less competition and you are more likely to show up high on the search results. Things to nail down about your target audience include demographics such as age, ethnicity, sex, profession, income level, interests, geographic area, religious preference, political leanings, and anything else that will help you delve into the mind and heart of your target audience. That way you can speak to them in a way that moves them into action. How to actually get that information on your ideal client can be done in numerous ways usually involving experimentation, research, and testing. Facebook does have amazing (and somewhat downright creepy tools for their ads program) to help you find out demographics on people (including their income level). If you are willing to pay some money (even small amounts as much as $5) to do some experiments on sponsored posts you can get some amazing analyics from Facebook on the performance of keywords aimed at your target audience.


Ok so once you have found out your target audience, you will want to figure out the best keywords that will capture their attention and bring them to you.

Below is the best tool out there I know of to help you plan the best keywords. It's Googles Adwords Keyword Planner. It does mean you have to sign up for an adwords account, but I don't think you actually have to pay anything to use it. You can fine that here:

Once you've created an account and signed in you will see the keyword planning section right on top:

So as an example excersise here I am going to try to do some planning on a new search phrase I want to start ranking my website and videos for: Portland production company and below is an how that will look once I've set it up in my Keyword planner:

Once I click "get ideas" this is what I get:

I can see how many average monthly searches are on a phrase. That's helpful so you know about how many eyes will come through that keyword phrase. The next column is very important as it shows you how competitive the phrase is. I see that "film production portland" is high on the competitive column, but "Portland film production" is only medium on the competitive column. I would probably pick the medium competitive if I was a brand new company that hasn't got any other search terms ranking on the internet. But since I have already been ranking on google for a year now in Portland as a videographer, I would probably choose to go for the highly competitive phrase since there's only 10-100 searches on it per month. I would like to rank high in this competitive phrase and hopefully capture some of that market. I see on the very top is the low competitive phrase "portland production companies" and this may be the very easiest to rank for.

I will admit I am far from an expert on SEO. I do have a friend James Watt who is an expert and if you need help you can hire him to nail SEO keywords down for you as well as help with SEO in general for your business (though he specifically is targeting the (Wedding photographer market for his business clients...see...niche market example right there!).


So now comes the final link to make all this magic come to life for your business. Keywording your videos so that Google and all the other search portals will show your video on relevant search results...and hopefully right on top!

On Youtube, Vimeo, and any other video hosting site, you will be able to put a Title, description, and keywords on your video.

again you can use the Google Keyword Search Planner for best key-phrases and the competition and number of results to best plan your keywords.


Here's an example of how I keyworded my Muslim Wedding Video (shown in the results screenshot on top of page) my TITLE for best SEO results:

Tamara & Allan Iraqi Muslim Wedding Highlight Film, Ryan Ao Portland Oregon Wedding Videographer

So you can see how I added a keyword for my target audience: "Muslim"

I know people looking for weddings will need to see it so I put: "Wedding"

I put my name in it: "Ryan Ao" so that will add credibility to my search results

I added geographic information to narrow down my target audience: "Portland Oregon"....I put the state too as there is also Portland, Maine and other Portland cities and not to mention maybe the search will show up other places in Oregon


Here's an example of how I keyworded the same video for my DESCRIPTION for best SEO results:

Iraqi Muslim Wedding Cinematography Film, on location in Camas, Washington, near Portland, Oregon. Drone footage with the DJI Phantom with exclusive beautiful private mansion overlooking the Columbia River. The families had a very beautiful bond with dancing, hugging, kissing, intimacy of deep levels, and a highly spirited energy that shows generations of culture and community spirit. They had no alcohol at the wedding and yet had an incredibly high energy and happy energy in the air the entire time. A huge feast of authentic Iraqi food was spread out as well as incredibly delicious desserts and middle eastern treats like Mint coffee. A traditional Muslim wedding ceremony ended the evening before a late-into-the-night even higher energy dance party. Filmed and Edited by: Ryan Ao Media | Portland Oregon (503) 451.6582 "Your Personal Storyteller, capturing your true essence" Assistant Videographer: Fernando Moreno Follow on Social Media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Ryan Ao Youtube - Vimeo - Pinterest - Google+ LinkedIn - IMDB - #PortlandMuslimWedding #DJIPhantom #AerialVideo #dronevideo #weddingcinematography

I have seen that providing a well written story about the video and what is seen in it can have amazing results. The more flowery the better....people and search engines like good writing and it can really add to the value of your video. Think of the back of a descriptive is the text on back? Usually very well written in a crafty way that describes a general summary of what you will see in the DVD. BUT in addition you want to go into even more detail on your keywords for SEO.

I mentioned my target audiences ethnic group for this video: "Iraqi" and "Middle Eastern" deeper in the description

I mentioned my target audiences religious preference for this video: "Muslim"

I mentioned an additional phrase for videography that may get searched for: "Cinematography"

I mentioned the locations of the film: Camas, Washington (spelling out the entire locations), Portland Oregon

I mentioned the name of my company and location Ryan Ao Media | Portland Oregon

I mentioned my phone number so people can call me directly and so it matches my website and increases my website rankings

I mentioned as many of my social media sites I could so that adds credibility to all my sites and also allows people to look me and my work up in many ways.

I added some hash tags and keywords for any additional phrases I thought might be searched for like #PortlandMuslimWedding #DJIPhantom #AerialVideo #dronevideo #weddingcinematography


one of the most important sections here Is the keywords section. In Youtube, Vimeo or your other video host, you MUST use commas between your keywords. Try not to go over 3 words for a phrase if you can as it just won't capture as many people...unless you are really looking for very specific niche audience. Also I try not to pick more than 10 keywords as I have found that it doesn't help to "stuff" your keywords section. Google actually frowns upon this and if your keywords are too similar you can be flagged as a spammer. For example using keywords like this is bad:

videographer, videography, video, videograph,

you get the picture.

here's a better set of keywords utilizing different words and phrases that capture the most important subject matter and target audience you are looking to capture:

Ryan Ao Media, Portland Wedding Videographer, Portland Muslim Wedding, Portland Islam Wedding, Portland Iraqi Wedding, Portland Wedding Cinematographer

or here's a more diverse set for my recent drone movie trailer:

portland oregon drone, willamette falls, Hood River, kitesurfing, Canon Beach, St. Johns Bridge, Oregon Zoo, Mt. Hood, cathedral park, portland aerial tram


It's pretty important to pick a custom thumbnail for your video instead of letting the thumbnail be chosen for you. That way you can make sure the visual impact of your video listing will have the best results. People click on what they see that grabs their attention. Choose an image that will grab your viewers attention quick and pull them right into your video content. Sometimes I go so far as to use photoshop and blend images together in a collage with text for a title...though that is not totally necessary. I just find it mimics a movie poster and being in the movie industry I like the professionalism that portrays.

You can get away with just showing a screenshot from a dramatic moment from your video or something exciting. I suggest using a closeup shot as the thumbnails can be pretty tiny and hard to see if your subject is too small in the thumbnail.

so in that thumbnail above I can barely see the couple's faces. that may not be the best choice for you.

Here's a few better examples for you if you want to show the larger subject (view these on a desktop or laptop rather than mobile device for better viewing the small sizes):

#PortlandSocialMediaVideo #PortlandCinematography #portlandvideoproduction #porlandproductioncompany

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