Blood Ties, Award Winning Comedy Horror 1 Min Short Film, Ryan Ao Portland Cinematographer

Ryan Ao got to be the Director of Photography (Cinematographer/Cameraman) for 1 Min short film festival. This Tacoma, WA based film festival had a halloween them this year. The WAM (Wait-A-Minute) Film Festival gave the teams one week to make a one minute film in October under the genre of horror and theme of "transformation."

Blood Ties won the Best Actress award from the 2016 WAM Film Festival for Natalie Shershow's performance.

What a fun experience trying to make a 1 min short it's really amazing to see how compact and consise a script can be and still get a whole story across. Watch and see...and comment to share your thoughts. Was it a whole story to you? Did you "get it"?

Director of Photography, (Cinematographer/Cameraman) Ryan Ao, Ryan Ao Media,

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