Ryan Ao Media published Dog Video Story on The Daily Mail and more!

Ryan Ao Media just got recently had a touching videojournalism piece published on the Daily Mail out of UK and it was recirculated to several other news outlets! A few months ago, I worked with some local dog owners on a story about their unique dog which developed Vitiligo and gets a lot of attention from it now. The dog named "Rowdy" has had a very interesting life story and almost died 2 times, one from being shot by a police officer (who thought it was a burglar) and the second from drinking toxic water. This sweet and beautiful dog is nearing the end of it's life due to age now, and has become the national organization for Vitiligo's poster mascot because many kids struggle with getting picked on when they have Vitiligo (which gives them white patches on their skin like Michael Jackson had). This dog gets so much positive attention from it's beautiful white markings, that it is showing the world and kids that Vitiligo can be something to be ok with. The owners and national Vitiligo org are trying to get their dog on the Ellen show as Ellen is known to love dogs and have a heart for children's charities. What a perfect show to get this dog on and help a good cause. Please share this story and help it go viral for a good cause! Here's the story on the Daily Mail with some of my photographs of Rowdy included in it with credit as well!

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