Meth Project TV Ad & Behind the Scenes Video, Portland, OR Cinematographer

"A family with 2 kids do meth and eventually become a domestic violence situation in front of the kids, while one of the children, the narrator, becomes a meth user later in life after witnessing the parents doing it."

For more information from the Director and Director of Photography feel free to watch the behind-the-scenes video after the first 30 seconds (which is the TV Ad). The 4 min behind the scenes video has touching stories about the deep meaning this TV Ad had for this crew as well as interesting behind-the-scenes production stories.

Just finished our Meth Project TV Ad! We are so humbled and honored to be given permission to share this with you after having just entered it into the national Meth Project Contest to help spread the word about staying away from Meth. I just found my natural mother last week and I was separated from her and my natural father at age 2 due to their use of Meth and other drugs as well as alcohol. It's amazing to be releasing this message with total synchronicity that I am back in touch with her finally after 38 years apart. But Meth does not have many happy endings. Please share this widely and help get the message out.

Written and Directed and Co-Edited by: Fernando Moreno.

Cinematography, Color Graded and Co-Editing by: Ryan Ao

Thank you to our entire amazing cast and crew who made this all possible!

Daniel Wagner - Meth Dad

Abby Baker - Meth Mom

Jessi Lyn Bostad - Meth Girl - Narrator

Anastasia Ao - little girl

Fox Maxson - little boy

William Kuhn Maxson

Stina Deadpets - Makeup

Sarah Macias - Maekup/hair Alex Emberlin - Production Video

Constance Ao - Child Supervision Assisting

Bill Maxson - Special Thanks for Script help and Location hosting

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