Major hollywood indie behind-the-scenes media "The Baby Boomer" Ryan Ao Production Stills

A couple weeks ago I had the honor of documenting behind-the-scenes for the film "The Baby Boomer" by Matthew Moriarty (click to see his major movies here on IMDB) a major hollywood movie main cameraman for films such as "Divergant", "Spiderman", "500 Days of Summer", "He's Just Not That Into You", "The Muppets", "Men In Black II", "Cast Away", "Lethal Weapon 4" and many more features and TV Shows. His dad happens to be Michael Moriarty, a major TV actor (known for his lead role in Law and Order). So he's been in the biz for over 30 years. This film is his effort to become a director.

It was amazing to watch him utilize his skills as a cameraman and his very clear uplifting and fun interaction with his cast and crew. His people skills are top notch and made many moments funny and filled with ease during the shooting. There were so many takes and details to pay attention to that it could easily have turned from an experience that is supposed to be the highlight of ones life, to being an absolute overwhelming and exhausting experience. But Matthew's energy, devotion to his craft, knowledge of the camera, and ability to transfer all that to being a director was beautiful to watch. He has a total package of people skills, camera skills, and storytelling skills, which made the experience for all involved absolutely delightful. What a peak moment for my film career to witness this day!

Tina's restaurant was asked to have their restaurant be the main location for filming. Due to my connection with Tina's fine foods restaurant in Dundee, OR, having just shot their restaurant promo video a few weeks ago. Michael Stiller, a co-owner reached out to Matthew and arranged to have me come back to Tina's for this 1 day movie shoot for Matthew's film and have me shoot behind-the-scenes photos and video. I also agreed with Matthew to interview him and the main actors to create a behind-the-scenes video for this film. That will be released in the months to come after my interview with Matthew is finalized so be sure to stay tuned for that exciting peek into what goes into make a Hollywood Indie, and it will focus on diseccting the shooting of a 4 minute scene (an all day effort).

Tina's Restaurant, Location:

Matthew Moriarty, Director:

Eriennet Paquette-Minniewather, Hair and Makeup artist:

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here's some of the highlight photos from the day:

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