My interview with "Mr. Hoverboard" for The Guardian

OK wow. well...i've just published a video piece with "The Guardian" out of the UK!

I got to interview the original inventor of the Hoverboard (called Hovertrax) who lives in the Portland area, and make a video journalistic piece. I only had about 15 minutes of his time for the interview and I also had to turn the story around on a less than 12 hour timeline! phew! that was intense! but well worth it.

What do you think of the hoverboard and all the knockoffs?

Here's my original story and then a revised version for "The Guardian" with some edit requests. The final version they cut down to 1 minute for brevity.

Version 1 (Directors Cut)

Version 2 (Guardian's Edit Requests)

#PortlandVideographer #PortlandVideoJournalist

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