Fernando's new Music Video!

This past week, I was lucky enough to be invited to assist with a music video shoot for Fernando Band - Portland (a well known Portland Musician and rising international touring artist) and his hauntingly beautiful and deeply meaningful new song “Save Me.” The story behind the song has to do with his downfall in life and even homelessness and other issues. The song touches deep to the core of his and all of our humanity and a lot of what Portland is seeing these days. Tim Scotten (the producer/editor) and Thorin Nielson (art director) scouted Dante's bar, a legendary downtown institution. We shot half the day in the “green room” in the basement which had character literally dripping off the walls. Plus it had a few other nice looks that we filmed upstairs in the bar itself later in the day. Here's some fun behind the scenes images I took that day. tons of behind-the-scenes video I shot too is hopefully going to get used somehow. Especially loved watching Richard Lyons, Freelance with some amazing hollywood style equipment and years of pro video experience, including using a computerized dolly that slides automatically! Maybe one of these images may even be used for a poster for him someday...

Here's Thorin's blog about it: https://wheelhouseworks.wordpress.com/2015/12/17/fernando/

Fernando Band Portland: http://www.fernandoviciconte.com/

Tim Scotten: https://www.facebook.com/tim.scotten

Richard Lyons: http://www.lyonsfreelance.com/

#PortlandMusicPhotographer #PortlandMusicVideographer

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