Blessing Way for Sarah Bella, Ryan Ao Kauai, Hawaii Maternity Photographer

This impromptu maternity photo shoot with Sarah Bella turned out so amazing at her lovely blessing way! The lighting was so beautiful when we arrived and as the camera came out of the bag as a complimentary maternity photoshot was offered as her gift for the blessing way (she barely has any pics that we know of during her pregnancy), she said "follow me" and she led us down a magical garden path to the mystical river behind her house. And no sooner than she had walked into the river with her partner, than several others had followed us out and encouraged her to be "au natural". We left her wreath on and her shawl and let it all "flow naturally"....and these are what turned out. Epicly beautiful images. Goes to show how spontaneous moments captured are always the most beautiful in my humble opinion.

Here's the link to the full gallery >>>>>

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