Bonnie & Mike's 37 Year Reunion Elopement Wedding, Ryan Ao Kauai Wedding Photographer, Kauai

Bonnie and Mike's Elopement Wedding is a touching story of their 37 years apart since their childhood sweetheart days, and a new reunion leading to a much needed revival of love in their lives. This couple have known eachother since they dated in highschool 37 years ago. But they parted paths after high school and havn't seen eachother since...until a year ago, when they were both going through tough divorces, they found eachother on facebook! On Sept. 27, 2014, the same day to the year since reuniting they eloped and got married on Mike's favorite place...Kauai (at Anini Beach)! Such an honor to be a part of their increadibly sweet reunion marriage. Bonnie even wore the same strawberry flavored lip gloss she wore in high school to bring back memories for Mike, as you can see in the pics below (and he couldn't stop kissing her! so cute!) >>>>Click here to see the full gallery.

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