Helicopter Arial Panorama Photography of Kauai - Ryan Ao Kauai Arial Photographer

Got to fly in a helicopter over Kauai yesterday and took this panorama photo of Kalalau Valley and the Napali Coast! I've been lucky enough too to hike the 11 miles into this valley and spend several nights camping in the sacred land this is. Did you know the Dali Lama flew over this valley in a helicopter too, and when he did he said it confirmed for him the Tibetan belief that the Kalalau Valley is the "eye of the universe"! This place is definitely mystical and powerful sacred energy adds to the entire island being called things such as "meditation island", "the third eye chakra of the Hawaiian Islands", and more. So grateful to be able to soak in these energies here every day.

here's the Koloa Landing Resort, south Kauai, solar project by Haleakala Solar that I took the photos for (one of many for the project):

Waipo'o waterfall, Waimea Canyon, South Kauai:

south Kauai agricultural fields (coffee trees I think):

The helicopter I rode in:

Poipu Beach, South Kauai

One of the wettest spots on Earth, Mt. Waialeale, center of Kauai:

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