Kokee Family "Staycation" Candids, Ryan Ao Kauai Family Photographer

Constance and I just took a "staycation" (vacation where you live) to Kokee, Kauai. 4000 feet up in the beautiful mountains of the Waimea Canyon area of West Kauai (about 2 hours drive from Kilauea where we live), we felt an increadibly diverse ecosystem come alive and nourish our senses and give us a nice new environment to explore with our friends Ben, Sky, Jeff, and Chie, who had access to a rustic cabin. We caught 8 rainbow trout in a nearby troutpond at the base of a waterfall where the trout like to hang out. The yummy pan fried trout, as well as fire cooked trout were amazing and showed us we can live off the land! Our daughter Anastasia had fun times with the 2 other 1.5 year old girls Gaia and Aina. After a long morning sleeping in, we hiked to the Kokee meadow area and visited with new friends Dennis and Kauaiki, exploring their immaculate gardens with fruit, like plums and apples, that don't grow on the lower elevations of Kauai. What a joy filled transformative and nourishing staycation!

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