15 ideas on how to keep income flowing during COVID-19


Recording of Zoom Conference Call streamed on Facebook Live on Wed. 4/8/20 at 7PM PST:

First off:

Were you happy with how you were earning income before COVID-19?

here's 15 ideas on how to keep income flowing during COVID-19: UPDATE (10/21/20): IF YOU ARE FACING HOMELESSNESS:

Here's a guide that highlights the increased vulnerability of homelessness for families and children and how to support underprivileged populations during these unprecedented times. You can check it out below:

Homelessness During the Pandemic: What to Do and How to Help


This guide includes:

  • An Inclusive Infographic on Homelessness in America

  • Local Resources and Ways the Community Can Help

  • State and Federal Support Programs

1) Gov. Stimulus check for $1200 + $500 per kid - IRS must have correct bank account info from 2019 (or if not filed yet then 2018) and direct deposits are starting already apparently. If not then they will mail a check and it will take longer (upwards of 12 weeks is current estimate)

Individuals will get the full $1,200 payment if their adjusted gross income is below $75,000. That goes up to $150,000 for married couples. Parents get $500 per child. After those income thresholds, the payments phase out. -https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-operations-during-covid-19-mission-critical-functions-continue

2) Unemployment. Even if you are self-employed or a freelancer. Apply on your state Unemployment site and it may take longer than a week - 3 weeks for them to process your application but you can start making your weekly claim right away.


3) SBA Small business disaster loans. You can go to the SBA.gov site or apply through NAV.com if you need assistance. Nav.com or any other middlemen can not take a portion of your loan as commission as it is illegal for the disaster relief. You can check the box for $10K advance that is forgivable as long as it is used for business expenses like rent, mortgage, etc. (they will ask you to track what it is used for). You will be getting the $10K advance within 3 days of approval of the SBA loan though it is taking about 1-3 weeks to get approved right now (as of 4/6/20).


4) Paycheck Protection Program - PPP another SBA program that is part of the stimulus package. You can apply to get any employee paid with forgivable loans if used for paycheck payments. If you are self-employed you can still qualify, and you can use the funds to pay your mortgage, rent, and sub-contractors, etc. Patience is required as they are currently swamped as applications flooded in on Friday April 3 for the first day they were accepting them. There is still plenty of funding and you should eventually get your payment.

CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Benefits:

Required Documents:

5) If you own a business try to focus on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking your website as high as possible on google. AO has obtained a free presentation on the topic here: bit.ly/aoseotips You need to focus on keywords that will be searched for for your business and making sure to go through your entire website to get those tuned up. Also getting your website mentioned on other websites (start by commenting on major blogs and putting your website URL in the comments). Getting articles written on the internet as well as making sure to fill out your biz profile on google as well as all the other internet portals (use MOZ Local)


6) If you have an email list…start using it to send out emails that are informative and helpful with knowledge you can share right now and this may bring eyes to your business and website

7) Use social media to share tips and freebies with your website mentioned

8) Use Live events on YouTube, Facebook or other sites to share ideas, freebies, etc.


9) use zoom calls to brainstorm with people as well as offer educational items to make yourself known as an expert in your field

10) creatively shift your business to online directions. For example AO Productions is going to try to start helping dropshippers and ecommerce sellers to make photos/videos by having them send AO the items and AO will film/photograph from home and then send the items back with the media edited for their internet sites.

11) AO Is also going to start doing more SEO/Website work since filming in person is harder for now but SEO/Web is still in the category of digital marketing services which is basically the same field as video work and AO has experience in this area. How can you shift your business as well towards the direction people are going to be utilizing services and products now? AO has recently shifted the old marketing slogan from “Unifying your brand elegance with the human experience” to “Commercial Media Solutions for Today’s Economy” in hope that this is more in touch with my target audience and their needs right now.

12) One of AO’s clients who is in the pharmaceutical sales industry and visits hospitals as part of her job, is now having to shift her focus. She anticipated this when COVID-19 started in China back in January and she saw an opportunity to work on e-commerce sales of a product she had seen in the hospitals as COVID-19 was exploding. It’s a product that helps sanitize germs on objects. She knew that people would be needing this and she asked me to help her with her video/photos as she built a website and other digital portals to start sales. She is about ready to launch soon (and stay tuned on AO Productions website and social media sites to see the video launch) and it’s fairly obvious her sales will shoot thorough the roof immediately. What can you do that is similar to this story?

13) now is a great time to do those long term projects your. Business has been putting on the back burner for so long so that when/if things finally start getting going economically again, your business will be all the better for it. For example, writing those blogs for your website, putting case studies together, putting testimonials together, getting your marketing ideas going, putting a video together, updating your website, getting your prices re-adjusted for an economic shift and making sure you will be offering prices that the market can bear, getting your books in order so you can get the loans you need.

14) if you have a stack of business cards on your desk of people you have been meaning to reach out to now is the time to do that since in person networking is now harder. Maybe you can join Facebook groups and start networking. You can join zoom group calls and network that way. Write all your past clients and see if they need help in any way (maybe this is a chance to offer your newly creatively shifted biz ideas).

15) more than anything…just help people out in this time, and who knows maybe it will come back you in more ways than you can imagine in the future.

BOOK AO for a call if you need help with any commercial media solutions, consulting, or coaching: www.ryanao.com/book

4/8/20 8:57pm UPDATE Here's the chat from the Zoom conference call: .

19:04:15 From evanburgher : yes 19:04:17 From Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti : Yes 19:04:18 From Gabe Twigg : Yes 19:04:18 From Marc Page : Yes 19:04:22 From Rachel H : mostly, yes I enjoyed my income. Yes 19:04:29 From Deborah Dove : Yes, and Iʻm enjoying it now too 19:06:34 From Ryan Ao to Deborah Dove (Privately) : https://www.ryanao.com/post/15-ideas-on-how-to-keep-income-flowing-during-covid-19 19:12:42 From evanburgher : I applied for the SBA Disaster relief on 3/24, haven’t heard anything other than they received my application. So I am just over 2 weeks since applying 19:20:08 From Rachel H : https://www.ryanao.com/post/15-ideas-on-how-to-keep-income-flowing-during-covid-19 19:39:04 From Ryan Ao : Magic of Thinking Big 19:39:23 From Ryan Ao : Expert Secrets 19:39:38 From Ryan Ao : The $100 Startup 19:40:50 From Ryan Ao : Financial Fittness 19:48:24 From Ryan Ao : Deborah Dove on Facebook 19:48:30 From Ryan Ao : For Superfoods 19:53:10 From Deborah Dove : Hereʻs more info @ the superfoods business opportunity: https://reclaimingbalance.puriumbuilder.com/presentation/video..08527c297bcad2a182276b821901ff20bd40a89b?fbclid=IwAR0tscEXjYC-zG8y4mcOJ4ABrmvpxXRh-mDOrBZOrTdu5CnXc0eDCBp6_Zo 19:53:25 From Ryan Ao : Thank you Deborah 19:57:06 From Deborah Dove : . More info is avail here: Https://isharepurium.com/?giftcard=reclaimingbalance The online superfoods store contains an extensive apothecary of shelf stable nutritional powdered drinks & supplements to choose from: Https://ishoppurium.com/?giftcard=RECLAIMINGBALANCE. This is a new video that was recently released for the immune support packs: https://vimeo.com/399319798 . More info is avail here: Https://isharepurium.com/?giftcard=reclaimingbalance The online superfoods store contains an extensive apothecary of shelf stable nutritional powdered drinks & supplements to choose from: Https://ishoppurium.com/?giftcard=RECLAIMINGBALANCE. This is a new video that was recently released for the immune support packs: https://vimeo.com/399319798 To sign up, go to puriumenrollement.com & use my code “reclaimingbalance” to get 25% off the retail price of the products & to be on my team. If you want to connect directly with me about the products or business, Iʻm Deborah Dove on FB (mermaid pix) 19:57:38 From Deborah Dove : oops. The link is actually www.puriumenrollment.com 20:00:54 From Ryan Ao : Nishit Asnani is a Stanford Graduate Student in Computer Science working on software that will help the SBA and Banks to get these loan applications automated. They need to interview people about their experiences with the SBA so they can help make it more streamlined. But they also need public support so if you want to support you can reach out to them if you want to be interviewed and also you can help by going to their website and uploading financial documents that will help you get the loans 20:07:20 From Ryan Ao : Evan what is your website and stuff? 20:07:28 From Marc Page : Financial Coaching: Marc@ResolveToExcel.com 20:07:34 From Ryan Ao : Thank you Marc! 20:07:59 From Deborah Dove : Thanks for sharing wisdom Marc! 20:08:12 From Marc Page : http://facebook.com/resolvetoexcel 20:08:30 From Marc Page : Thanks, Deborah. And thank you for sharing too! 20:08:42 From nishit asnani : Hey Ryan, thanks a lot for the kind introduction, and we look forward to continued collaboration with you. We are three graduates from Stanford in computer science working on trying to solve the problem of efficient filing and verification of SBA loan applications. You can contact me at nasnani@stanford.edu if you think we can be of help or if you want to be interviewed regarding the loan application process. We will use your standard tax and payroll forms, like the W-2/I-941, and use them to calculate your average monthly payroll expenses, with specific verifying information for the banks. This makes your process easier, and the banks' / SBA’s verification straightforward. 20:08:44 From Deborah Dove : My pleasure! 20:09:25 From evanburgher : www.thatchcreative.com 20:09:28 From evanburgher : Evan Burgher 20:09:35 From evanburgher : 949.444.2155 20:09:38 From Ryan Ao : Thank YOU Nishit. looking forward to making the video for you and getting help from your product to get my SBA loans approved :) 20:09:41 From evanburgher : eburgher@thatchcreative.com 20:09:43 From nishit asnani : We won’t be charging either small businesses or banks. We won’t be storing your business data either. :) 20:09:48 From Ryan Ao : Thank you Evan! 20:09:53 From nishit asnani : Nishit Asnani, nasnani@stanford.edu, 20:10:27 From nishit asnani : Contact number: 6504418285. 20:13:04 From Ryan Ao : I will be posting this chat in the blog as well as the Facebook live 20:13:31 From Ryan Ao : If that’s ok with everyone. If you don’t want your info posted on my blog post for this call or the FB post for this call…let me know and I will not include it 20:14:31 From evanburgher : Have you guys all seen this one from a few years ago? https://hypebeast.com/2020/3/russell-houghten-urban-isolation-skateboarding-video-the-berrics 20:15:01 From evanburgher : Relative to the current topic 20:17:40 From Ryan Ao : Wow Evan beautiful footage of empty LA! 20:20:09 From Rachel H : Can you put in this chat of the AC FB group, Gabe? 20:22:24 From Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti : Thank you so much, Ryan. This has been extremely valuable for me, but I need to run. Thank you and stay safe, everyone! 20:23:56 From Ryan Ao : Love the idea of continuing education during this downtime Gabe 20:28:20 From Ryan Ao : Thank you Gloria! Hope you got some useful stuff out of htis! 20:28:28 From Rachel H : https://bookshop.org/ 20:29:41 From evanburgher : Thank you guys, have a great night! 20:30:08 From Ryan Ao : Thatnk you Evan! Was so nice to meet you and hear your story 20:32:57 From nishit asnani : Thanks a lot guys, hope you have a good night and a great rest of the week! 20:40:15 From Deborah Dove : Yes!

"Looking out to the light from the darkness" - Ryan Ao of Constance Ao

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