Winchester Bay Oregon RV Park & Salmon Harbor Marina - Stock Footage

Winchester Bay Oregon RV Park & Salmon Harbor Marina - Stock Footage

$1,000.00 Regular Price
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Drone flying over and steady cam walking footage of Winchester Bay RV park, and Salmon Harbor Marina port & docks. Winchester Bay, Oregon



$1000 Value 

Your 50% Discounted Price:

$500 for Hi-Rez 4K original footage



$500 Edited 2-3 Min Video (includes: highlight clips edited to tell a story, Color correction, simple text on screen, simple graphics, logo added, music choices at (AO's stock music subscription service)


ASK FOR A QUOTE Longer or more complex Edited video (upgrade options include: voiceover, actors, have AO Productions travel to you to film, or have additional footage submitted to AO Productions to be edited into video, motion graphics, advanced story editing, custom composed music, and many more options.



Some ideas on how you could use the video footage:
1) Post it on your website
2) Play it on a video screen in the lobby
3) Share it on social media
4) use it for an ad campaign
5) put it on your google business profile photo/video section
6) play it for people who are potential customers at the Marina and RV Park or send it to them on email
7) Do email blasts using the video(s)
8) make multiple versions of this video (30 second, 2-3 min, full 28 min footage) and use for various formats/audiences/intentions.


If you need help with any of these ideas AO productionsn do help our customers implement all of them including, editing, setting up ad campaigns, marketing consulting and more.


Also if you think other businesses who are in the video footage might be interested in using this footage, you could definitely split the cost with them and pool your funds together to buy the footage and all have access to it.

By: Ryan Ao

AO Productions


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