Sacred Rebel - Episode 3 - Where do we go from here, Part 2


This episode covers topics from deep within Ryan Ao's heartmind that don't get talked about too much. Life between lives, afterlife, heaven, heaven on earth, gender, suicide, life review, covid-19’s time of transition, 4th dimension, spiral dynamics, ascension, world religions and their mystic counterparts, spirit guides, angels, animal guides, source of the universe, new souls, old souls, picking a new life, past life’s on other planets, number of planets that can support life in the universe, telepathy, telekenisis, flying, levitating, dreamwork, and more. Other topics in the podcast series: spiritual mysticism, truth theories and disclosure, insiders whistlblowing on a space program of which the true knowledge of publicly could change the world for the better, free energy, healing technologies, a new earth, alternative healing, sustainability, and much more.

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00:02 hello hello hello

00:04 it's Ryan AO here I'm going live on

00:07 sacred rebel today where is it there it

00:12 is yeah yeah we're doing a restream

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00:53 as my website so you can find that at

00:54 Ryan AO comm ford slash sacred rebel but

00:58 today I want to keep diving into these

01:01 deep topics of things like life between

01:06 lives which is what we pot talked about

01:08 last time and moving on from there into

01:11 a little bit of the dream world I had an

01:13 amazing dream last night that sparked me

01:15 wanting to share a little bit about that

01:18 and what I think is happening with

01:21 dreams right now during this covert time

01:24 so let's see let's see so how do I start

01:33 going into some of this stuff let's see

01:35 well you know back into the first

01:37 episode I was talking about how I'd read

01:40 this book called journey of souls by

01:42 Michael Newton there's also as he's a

01:45 PhD in psychology or psych psychiatry I

01:50 think it's psychology

01:52 and he did age regression with his

01:57 clients to help them heal wounds from

02:01 their childhood traumas from their

02:03 childhood and accidentally age regressed

02:06 some of them back into what he called

02:08 the astral plane or life between lives

02:10 and so over 30 years of

02:13 acting this technique and documenting

02:15 what he heard all these different people

02:17 who had never talked to each other

02:19 referring to which was often very

02:21 similar he was able to kind of map out

02:24 the the spiritual world or the astral

02:26 plane or heaven or life beyond lives so

02:29 there's a second book too called destiny

02:31 of souls so I've kind of gone through

02:34 just some of the brief idea of that book

02:38 in the first episode so if you want to

02:39 watch that if you haven't yet that might

02:41 help you understand but I talk about

02:42 things like soul groups and how we all

02:45 have these similar people in our lives

02:49 that are like we consider our soul

02:50 friends or our soul mates and there's

02:53 often about 10 to 15 of them that are in

02:57 our quote soul group that they described

02:59 in these life regression therapy

03:02 sessions and so that's also kind of the

03:05 basis for reincarnation because it's

03:08 being scientifically proven now through

03:10 his Western medicine style aid

03:14 regression and worked that these people

03:17 are living reincarnation lives and even

03:21 a friend of mine who's a nurse Sarah

03:23 Collins has said that her work in the

03:25 hospitals has really helped her

03:27 understand that life is a reincarnation

03:31 thing because some of the people she's

03:32 seen on the death beds have seen white

03:35 lights and talked about similar things

03:36 and as they've gone into the astral

03:39 plane or the Otherworld she's started to

03:41 see connections there that have helped

03:43 her as a scientist believes that we do

03:46 really live and a reincarnated life so I

03:49 will be having her on as a guest in the

03:51 future we hope we've talked about that a

03:52 little bit online so it's just

03:55 interesting to me because I feel like as

03:56 a spiritual person I've also had to

03:59 reconcile science and and you know the

04:03 fact that some of the scientific things

04:06 that are happening are proving

04:08 spirituality are really fascinating to

04:11 me so I'm going to get into a little bit

04:12 more about these life between lives

04:13 today and then at the end of that

04:15 episode we'll get into what that kind of

04:19 implies for what we're all dealing with

04:21 on this more intense dream work a lot of

04:24 us are going through right now and

04:25 during the quarantine crisis

04:27 I'm definitely having some very intense

04:30 dreams that are kind of life-changing to

04:31 be honest I had one last night that'll

04:34 just say right now was as powerful if

04:37 not more powerful than my ayahuasca

04:38 journey about ten years ago so that was

04:41 pretty and powerful and I'll share a

04:43 little bit more about that but to get

04:45 back into life between lives I want to

04:46 just give you some of the fundamentals

04:48 of what this book talks about they have

04:50 you know different chapters are

04:52 basically broken down into topics so you

04:56 learn about what over 30 years Michel

04:59 Newton was hearing from people on these

05:01 one topics so for example what what it's

05:06 like to go home after you pass away they

05:08 all say this thing about like going

05:10 through the white tunnel and when you go

05:13 there you're met by people that you feel

05:15 like you've known through multiple lives

05:17 sometimes the spirit guide is there

05:19 sometimes you're passed away mom is

05:21 there or your dad or whatever and it's

05:23 very common in these experiences to also

05:27 see a spiritual figure that you might

05:30 have studied or been a practicing during

05:32 that let's say you were a Christian and

05:34 a follower of Jesus you you will see

05:36 Jesus let's say you were a Buddhist and

05:37 a follower bruda you might see Buddha or

05:40 if you're Islamic you might see Muhammad

05:43 or whatever so it's kind of this general

05:46 sense of comfort welcoming you home with

05:51 a lot of common experiences to what is

05:55 personalized to you so and on that note

05:57 as we talked about last time there are

05:59 these soul groups so you will be greeted

06:01 by your soul group or and what's

06:04 interesting too is that often you will

06:06 have people in your soul group who are

06:07 still living a life on planet Earth so

06:10 you may have passed on and they're still

06:13 down there so in that case it's

06:16 interesting that apparently our souls

06:18 are at rest during the day when we're

06:22 living but then at night when we're

06:25 sleeping our souls are active on the

06:27 astral plane so you know depending on

06:30 when you pass away some of your soul

06:33 group members might be in an in an

06:35 inactive state apparently and they may

06:37 be there to greet you but they would be

06:38 later so like a night and then of course

06:41 time is very different to in the astral

06:43 plane so it's interesting like they talk

06:45 about how within literally an hour of a

06:49 person passed away here on earth they

06:52 might have already lived what would be

06:53 equivalent to like a thousand years in

06:55 the astral plane so again like it might

06:59 be very quick that you would see

07:01 somebody in the astral plane who might

07:03 be quote asleep or not present while

07:06 you've been here on earth so it's it's

07:09 pretty comforting to know that all the

07:11 people in your soul group would be there

07:12 or very quickly soon after being able to

07:14 greet you and connect with you and hey

07:17 what was your life about and let's

07:19 review it let's talk about it would you

07:21 learn so let's get to the root of all

07:25 this what is all this

07:26 stemming from I mean if we are an

07:28 internal soul having a human experience

07:31 and we do not die and energy is

07:34 permanent then when we pass on from this

07:37 plane we realize that this was more of

07:41 an illusory realm so think of it as like

07:43 software being programmed in a virtual

07:46 world kind of like that moving the

07:47 matrix which by the way that movie was

07:49 actually I feel disclosing truths that

07:53 even Tibetan Buddhist lamas say is true

07:56 like I have a Tibetan lama teacher who

07:58 says that that movie is very fascinating

08:01 to her because she said the filmmakers

08:03 must be students of Buddhism because

08:05 they're speaking to very deep truths and

08:07 it turns out they were there which

08:08 hausky brothers at the time who were now

08:11 the Wachowskis sisters yes they have

08:14 transitioned their genders both of them

08:16 ironically they are very strong students

08:20 of Buddhism which means that according

08:23 to this tradition the Buddhist tradition

08:24 you are not really who you think you are

08:27 so you are not the body that you can

08:28 pinch right you are the quiet space when

08:33 you are in solitude and your mind is

08:35 turned off or meditating or praying you

08:38 are the tiny urgings that you get that

08:40 you often ignore like oh I should hug

08:43 that person or I should give that almost

08:45 person something to eat but oh I'm too

08:47 busy so those are the actual those

08:50 urging

08:50 those connections we have with this

08:52 space in our hearts and our minds is

08:55 actually the real you and that's your

08:56 soul the the person that we feel and we

08:59 think about every day and that we have

09:02 interactive thoughts with and that's

09:04 actually our egoic self and the goal in

09:09 this life is to shed that ego itself as

09:12 much as possible so that we can hear

09:14 more of what the soul is guiding us to

09:16 do because that soul is an eternal being

09:20 and trying to evolve and we're here as a

09:25 like a collaborator with that soul in

09:28 this body to learn the things that that

09:30 soul needs to learn to ascend or move

09:32 unto other dimensions so how did you get

09:35 here well you chose to be here

09:37 apparently you start off as a young soul

09:40 from source there's constantly new Souls

09:44 being born and like I mentioned last

09:46 time I feel like that is sources way of

09:50 experiencing the universe because the

09:54 the apparently according to Matthias de

09:57 Stefano on the gaia show initiation

10:00 really what the source is is nothingness

10:03 it's a void there's nothing there and

10:05 the source probably was wanting to

10:08 experience more and then the nothingness

10:11 and created us all or every living

10:14 conscious being in the universe whatever

10:17 it is whether it's a one cell organism

10:18 and alien a planet a tree a centipede or

10:22 a human or an alien every single one of

10:26 these beings source is getting to live

10:29 an experience through through that one

10:31 beings perspective and so there's

10:33 infinite number of these beings

10:34 throughout the universe coming back to

10:36 source and bringing with them this

10:39 evolutionary journey that source then

10:41 kind of learns from and I think you

10:45 chose to be here and in this life as

10:50 source sent you has sent you on multiple

10:54 many many different journeys through

10:57 different lives starting as a simplest

11:01 life-form like you know a one-celled

11:04 organism

11:04 or a plant cell or whatever I don't even

11:07 know what there could be on other

11:08 planets but apparently there are other

11:10 planets with life forms on them and you

11:13 have been on other planets potentially

11:15 and you have made it all the way to

11:17 being human so congratulate yourself

11:20 apparently it's an incredibly difficult

11:23 thing to become a human and it has taken

11:27 you countless lives to become a human

11:28 and you've even lived countless lives as

11:31 a human apparently although some of us

11:33 are younger humans and some of us might

11:36 even mean brand-new humans in this

11:38 earthly realm some of us are more

11:39 advanced humans some of us have actually

11:41 even advanced beyond being human into

11:44 other dimensions and shed our human

11:46 bodies but our bodhisattvas which I said

11:50 bodhichitta last time but Bodhisattva is

11:52 the being that has decided to come back

11:55 to the third dimension reality or even

11:58 be in the astral realm and guide people

12:01 as spirit guides but whatever it is that

12:03 Bodhisattva has taken a vow to stay in a

12:06 reincarnating state or stay in a guiding

12:09 teacher state for third dimensional

12:11 beings until all of us ascend to the

12:13 fourth dimension and what a bodhisattva

12:15 does is generate bodhichitta and that's

12:19 what the word I'm it said last time but

12:21 bodhichitta is the energy that you are

12:24 generating to help all beings come to

12:26 enlightenment with you so if you are a

12:29 more of an advanced being you might find

12:33 yourself on this life maybe not wanting

12:36 to engage in the mainstream world as

12:39 much and you might find yourself like a

12:41 sacred rebel people being more of a

12:44 person that may be more interested in

12:45 meditating or like my wife Constanze

12:47 doing psychic work for people and

12:49 coaching them and helping them and or

12:50 just being of service to other people

12:53 and that really is the way to ascend to

12:55 the fourth dimension apparently is to be

12:58 of complete service to others and so

13:02 okay so I'm getting ahead of myself

13:05 so we talked about it's very precious

13:07 gift to be reborn as a human and

13:10 generally you've been on these journeys

13:13 with your other soulmates so you've all

13:15 kind of journey together in these

13:17 that lifetimes to advance to these

13:19 higher levels we also have guides as I

13:21 mentioned previously who are very

13:24 advanced beings who like might even be

13:26 beyond the Bodhisattva level they might

13:28 even be close to getting back to source

13:31 or have already gone back to source but

13:33 have come back to guide all of us into

13:36 how to be ascended so I think what's

13:40 important is that you need to know that

13:42 these guides do connect with us and

13:44 person like my wife Constance who is

13:46 constantly doing exercises and

13:49 meditations and work to bring in her

13:52 guides will get a lot more contact with

13:54 her guide then of those of us who are

13:56 just so busy in our minds that we don't

13:58 connect with them and so they're a

13:59 little bit less present but they will

14:02 bring themselves into our lives and

14:05 sometimes knock us over the head with a

14:07 lesson or whatever and that is important

14:10 to pay attention to and sometimes you

14:12 might not realize why you're going

14:13 through this difficult life change or

14:16 whatever but it might be actually

14:18 brought on to you by your spirit guide

14:20 and really the gret the greatest lesson

14:23 there is that you can actually get in

14:25 touch with your spirit guide and ask

14:30 them for help and so that's wonderful so

14:31 like for the five years I was deeply

14:34 practicing a Tibetan high Tibetan

14:40 Buddhist meditation practice part of

14:44 that meditation practice was calling in

14:45 our spirit guides and asking them and I

14:47 do really feel like during that time in

14:49 my life which was during the within

14:51 reach movie project where I was biking

14:53 across the country with Amanda Creighton

14:55 6,500 miles to visit 100 sustainable

14:58 communities we really needed guidance on

15:01 that journey and we got it we got a lot

15:03 of help from spirit guides and a lot of

15:06 miracles occurred and more during that

15:08 short time of my life than any other

15:10 time of my life even now though I have

15:12 to say we are bringing in more help for

15:15 my spirit guides more than ever

15:17 especially during this crisis and we are

15:19 seeing the more miracles happen because

15:21 we're doing that work so I encourage you

15:24 to find some sort of practice that

15:25 allows you to get in touch with your

15:27 spirit guides

15:28 and there's all kinds I mean you can do

15:30 meditation you can do yoga you can just

15:33 talk to your spirit guides I'm Constance

15:36 what what is a common way that people

15:38 can start out calling in their spirit

15:40 guides meditation okay what else can

15:45 they just simply talk to it or else

15:47 yeah and how would they hear or see any

15:50 sort of sign that their spirit guide is

15:52 listening to them or saying something to

15:56 them they could ask for a sign all right

15:59 what else could you maybe try to

16:04 manifest something that you want and see

16:05 if it comes to fruition and then that

16:07 might be a sign that spirit guides are

16:10 helping me no okay

16:13 you don't think so what do you feel like

16:16 is a good sign for you that you have

16:18 been making contact with the spirit

16:20 guide she can tune into it how would a

16:33 person who's not as intuitive as you

16:35 like kind of take note that something

16:39 has been going I was saying that

16:40 sometimes when you're going through a

16:42 really rough thing in your life you

16:43 might get knocked over the head really

16:44 hard with a life lesson and that

16:46 couldn't just be your spirit guide

16:47 saying wake up get out of this state of

16:50 not being awake is that a good point do

16:55 you think yeah yeah sometimes I feel

17:03 like when I'm really sad I might get

17:04 like a happy sign like a hummingbird

17:07 flies right in front of my face or or

17:10 I'll be talking about somebody and

17:11 they'll call or I'll see a rainbow right

17:14 at a time and I needed it do you think

17:16 those are gonna kind of signs that our

17:18 spirit guides might be listening and

17:19 watching and paying attention yeah if

17:35 there's a bug you see that you're really

17:37 drawn to that's interesting

17:39 they call that spirit guides okay

17:42 interesting or animals yeah oh so she's

17:53 saying if you see a certain animal that

17:56 you're feeling drawn to maybe look it up

17:57 and find out what what is the horse mean

17:59 in my life right now or what does a dear

18:02 in my life right now

18:04 hmm buta front okay beautiful and so you

18:11 know in a way if you're christian those

18:13 could be considered angels if you're

18:15 buddhist it might be a spiritual guide

18:16 if you're a Native American it might be

18:18 animal guides but a lot of different

18:21 spiritual traditions tend to have a

18:24 thing about spirit guides especially the

18:28 mystic what forms and every every major

18:30 religion actually has a mystic side to

18:33 it like Buddhism is more like the

18:35 Catholic side of that religion and in

18:37 Tibetan Buddhism is more like the

18:39 Protestant side or even more the Quaker

18:41 side like way out there you know and

18:44 Christianity has Quakers and

18:46 Islam has Sufis and I don't know every

18:51 religion has something that is a more

18:54 mystical side and so I would say those

18:57 mystical sides are actually doing things

18:59 like trying to get in touch with the

19:00 spirit guides having some sort of

19:02 meditative practice some sort of way to

19:05 really tune in to the universe and the

19:09 spirit guides are very important yeah

19:11 calling them in yeah because when I was

19:15 a Buddhist I mean I did a meditation for

19:18 one hour in the morning and one hour in

19:19 the evening and the very first actually

19:21 second line of that meditation was

19:23 calling in our spiritual guides

19:25 basically it was like all the elders and

19:29 the enlightened beings to come and help

19:36 yeah yeah

19:50 just as advanced yeah yeah I like that

20:00 so okay so we're gonna move on from here

20:03 Thank You Constance for your insights

20:05 into spirit guides and if you want to

20:08 come on as a guest sometime and talk to

20:10 us about your work as an intuitive and

20:13 what you do to you know work with spirit

20:17 guides and how you manifest some psychic

20:20 skills we should have you on okay sacred

20:24 guest or sacred rebel guest constant

20:26 sale coming up soon so be out be on the

20:28 lookout for that so yeah so let's see

20:32 where do we go from here I have a you

20:36 know a feeling that we're gonna be

20:38 talking about destiny of souls long into

20:42 the future there's just so I've been

20:44 sitting here at my desk sometimes

20:46 spacing out on what what to talk about

20:48 on sacred rebel and sometimes I just get

20:52 a little bit overwhelmed by how much

20:53 there is in these books journey of souls

20:56 so I feel like we'll break it up into

20:58 little pieces here and there and dive in

21:00 more and someday a topic might come up

21:03 in my life that might be like alright

21:04 there's a great example and we'll dive

21:06 into it but today I can get into a

21:08 little bit more about you know just kind

21:11 of the basis of what our souls are doing

21:13 here and what we're trying to learn so

21:15 let's see so in the as I've mentioned

21:21 previously we have these soulmates that

21:24 have been on the journey at same level

21:26 of us apparently and we tend to advance

21:30 to higher levels together and as we just

21:31 talked about we have these guides that

21:33 are guiding us generally individually

21:37 guiding us so like even people in your

21:39 own soul group might have different

21:40 spiritual guides they're working with

21:42 because spirit guides and teachers as

21:44 you can understand even in the real

21:46 world we all are drawn to different like

21:48 pastors or spiritual teachers or mentors

21:51 or coaches or therapists or whatever so

21:54 even in the spiritual world we have

21:55 different guides even though we're

21:57 on this journey similar journey with our

22:00 soul group so these guides you know can

22:03 be coming from other dimensions to visit

22:05 us and are usually these these guides

22:08 are pretty busy people but some of us

22:10 may be feeling something going on in our

22:13 life where they'll pick up on that and

22:15 they'll know to come and help us um but

22:20 we we tend to do a lot of our art work

22:24 interactively on the soul level for

22:28 example we usually tend to work with our

22:31 elders in the soul world as we are

22:35 coming into a life to do things like

22:37 choosing our parents choosing what we

22:39 will look like what gender we have and

22:42 by the way this is all still coming from

22:43 journey of souls this does not mean just

22:45 making this up this is scientifically

22:48 mythology scientific method done work

22:52 where you know hundreds and hundreds and

22:54 hundreds of people over thirty years

22:56 were documented by this doctor of

22:58 psychology so they've said you know we

23:00 choose our parents we choose how we look

23:02 which is what January are generally we

23:04 choose the same gender in the human

23:06 lives but there are people who choose to

23:09 mix it up a little bit and both my wife

23:12 and I feel like we have done that mix it

23:14 up I definitely feel like I've been a

23:15 female in a past life and Constance

23:18 definitely feels like she's been a male

23:19 in the past life so that's interesting

23:21 you will you will probably know if

23:24 you've ever been if a different gender

23:26 and you're past five because you will

23:28 just feel like you know that energy

23:29 inside of you and I would say you know

23:32 LGBTQ people lesbian gay bisexual

23:35 transgender people have obviously been

23:40 multiple genders in their past lives

23:42 because they're in this life balancing

23:44 both genders so that's interesting I

23:47 think that's really cool in fact on that

23:49 note there is this concept in Native

23:53 American traditions and other native

23:56 traditions like Hawaiian indigenous

23:59 peoples of all types all over the world

24:01 they don't have a word that is

24:03 derogatory for like homosexual or gay

24:07 they have a word they don't even really

24:10 acknowledge the

24:11 word in their languages usually but they

24:13 do have a word or a concept called

24:15 two-spirit where it's actually a highly

24:18 revered status within the community and

24:20 those people who are balancing the two

24:23 spirits the two genders are revered as

24:26 spiritual teachers and they usually end

24:28 up becoming shamans or some sort of

24:30 elder within the community to teach us

24:34 how to you know be in touch with the

24:38 higher parts of ourselves that are

24:40 genderless and gender-fluid and able to

24:43 mass you know to master bringing in the

24:46 masculine and the feminine into one

24:48 being and actually constants that I had

24:51 a great live on her channel the other

24:52 day called balancing your inner

24:54 masculine and your inner feminine so you

24:57 can see that on her Channel what's your

24:59 channel called sweets thought that was

25:01 on was that just your personal Facebook

25:03 if you just go to Constance AO on

25:05 Facebook and her personal profile you

25:08 can go into the video section click on

25:11 the live videos and probably find that

25:13 called balancing your inner feminine and

25:17 any masculine right something like that

25:20 yeah and that was mostly in reference to

25:22 relationships and how to like you know

25:25 learn about gender roles within a

25:27 relationship so it was a fascinating

25:29 discussion I highly encourage you to

25:31 watch that so yeah so back to the guides

25:34 and so yeah so they help us even figure

25:38 out where geographically we want to live

25:40 what you know here's an interesting one

25:42 even what planet we will live on the

25:44 books talk about that like some of us

25:47 have lived on other planets some of us

25:49 have only lived on earth but that's

25:51 interesting to me so would they even

25:53 talk about like these other planets what

25:55 is well there's like aquatic world so we

25:57 may have been an aquatic creature

25:58 there's these angelic realms they're all

26:02 cloudy and we can just fly everywhere

26:04 there's like yeah just fantasy like

26:07 anything you could imagine it probably

26:09 exists I think is what they said in the

26:10 book because it's just an infinite

26:12 universe right I mean David Wilcock was

26:15 even saying and I should get more into

26:17 my thoughts on David Wilcock in a little

26:19 while but like I really resonate with a

26:21 lot of the things he says and one of the

26:23 things

26:24 says is that there's it's been proven

26:26 now that there are more okay so you know

26:29 you've heard that there's more stars in

26:31 the sky then there are grains of sand on

26:34 earth right well what's interesting is

26:37 that they have now proven that there is

26:40 more habitable planets in the universe

26:44 then there are grains of sand in the

26:46 universe and so the chances are that

26:49 there are life out there that exists

26:52 beyond our planet earth is just it's

26:55 unfathomable and so for people to not

26:58 believe that there is life out there is

27:00 almost like egoic it's almost like your

27:05 ego saying we're the center of the

27:07 universe and there's nothing out there

27:08 oh yeah really because there are more

27:10 grains of sand on the planet Earth or

27:14 there are more planets out there that

27:16 are habitable then there are plant

27:17 grains of sand on the planet so how is

27:19 it possible that we are the only ones

27:21 that evolved life in this entire

27:23 universe I think that's pretty profound

27:25 so with that said when the people are

27:29 saying in this journey of souls case

27:30 studies that they lived lives on other

27:32 planets that seems like a no-brainer to

27:34 me and I will be honest with you I feel

27:37 like I've lived lives on another planet

27:38 and I feel you know and this is gonna

27:40 sound pretty hoity-toity to say this

27:43 what is hoity-toity I mean I don't know

27:45 like maybe it may sound like I'm on my

27:47 high horse and I don't mean to be that

27:50 kind of a person but I really do feel

27:52 like I came to this earth in shock at

27:54 the conditions that we're living in and

27:56 I still have and my wife feels that way

27:59 too I don't feel like I've ever really

28:00 reconciled the conditions that we live

28:03 in on earth like just money first of all

28:06 I don't feel like money is something

28:09 that should exist I think money is too

28:13 easily grabbed by certain people who

28:15 want more of it and I think all of us

28:16 should be living in an energy exchange

28:19 where we all contribute and we get we

28:23 get a return for what we contribute I

28:25 think things like poverty and

28:28 homelessness and hunger don't need to

28:32 exist and I I feel like I came to this

28:34 world I remember being a young

28:37 kid just crying about homelessness and

28:39 poverty and hunger and kids not being

28:43 able to eat in Ethiopia when my parents

28:44 would used to say at the dinner table

28:46 like eat all your food because there's

28:48 kids starving in Ethiopia I remember

28:49 times I would just cry at stable like

28:51 what do you mean like there's good

28:53 starving Ethiopian and they'd like show

28:56 us an article in National Geographic

28:58 with these malnourished kids and you

29:00 know in hopes that we would eat our

29:02 dinner and I would just be like and then

29:07 you know thinking about how we eat

29:08 animals and you know I'm a meat-eater I

29:11 have to admit I tried to be a vegetarian

29:13 for many years and it was just hard for

29:15 me but like it just makes me sad that we

29:17 have to kill a being to be nourished

29:18 it's like that's sad like why can't we

29:20 just not kill beings and be nourished

29:22 and I feel like there must have been

29:24 another life I lived on another planet

29:26 where I've experienced a world that was

29:27 much different than the conditions here

29:29 on earth but I feel like I'm here to

29:31 help and I think a lot of us are there's

29:35 this thing called star seeds well you

29:37 might have heard that in a new-age world

29:38 what is a star seed mean well star seed

29:40 means just that there's people who have

29:42 lived in other planetary systems on

29:45 other lives in other lives on other

29:48 planets and they've been chosen to come

29:51 here even though there probably have

29:53 lived lives that are now more positive

29:56 than that you would find here on earth

29:58 but they've come back to earth to help

30:01 us ascend and transition into a better

30:04 age and I feel like I'm one of those

30:07 people because you know it's just it's

30:09 hard for me to not want to just go home

30:12 to one of those other planets I feel

30:14 like Earth is not home for me and I feel

30:16 like there's a lot of friends and people

30:17 that I've met on this planet that feel

30:19 the same way

30:20 so but yeah so we we I feel like I chose

30:24 to come back in this life at this time

30:26 to help Planet Earth come to a new level

30:29 of consciousness and I think that's part

30:32 of what's going on right now during Cova

30:34 19 I think there's a lot of shaking up

30:37 happening in people's worldviews and

30:40 seeing that the the system is not what

30:43 they once thought it was it's a broken

30:45 system and I think a lot of people are

30:47 waking up to the fact that we can do

30:48 things a better

30:50 yeah so okay so let's get into Ascension

30:54 let's talk about that for a second

30:57 every time we live a life we go before a

31:02 council of elders after we pass on to

31:04 that dimension and these council of

31:07 elders are maybe advanced spiritual

31:09 guides or just old souls or advanced

31:12 being and they have no judgment but in

31:16 fact to a loving life review with us and

31:18 so actually there's a funny movie that I

31:21 highly recommend you watch is called

31:22 defending your life and Meryl Streep's

31:25 in it it's a great movie because it

31:27 really resonates with a lot of the

31:28 things in the journey of souls in the

31:30 sense that you have to kind of go before

31:32 a review council board and you watch

31:35 videos of highlights of your life and

31:37 try to defend you the decisions you made

31:40 was like well the one thing that's a

31:41 little different about that movie than

31:42 what I hear is an actual reality in the

31:45 in the ashram is that you don't need to

31:47 defend your life you're they're not

31:48 there to judge you it's more about they

31:51 look at highlights of your life with you

31:53 or maybe your entire life because time

31:55 is not it's not the same there you might

31:57 even have time to watch every

31:58 millisecond of your life together

32:00 because literally it might be just like

32:03 okay we watched your life you know it's

32:06 like okay what did you learn is really

32:08 what it's all about it's not about like

32:10 what did you do wrong you're not allowed

32:12 to go to the next level because you were

32:13 a bad person it's more like what lessons

32:16 did you feel like you succeeded in in

32:19 this life and what lessons did you feel

32:20 like you failed in or what what work do

32:22 you feel like you want to do in another

32:23 incarnation it is possible to stop

32:26 reincarnating and advance to a higher

32:28 level and become a spirit guide or even

32:29 exist in other ways and I think that's

32:31 what happened at the end of the movie

32:35 life defending your life which was kind

32:38 of fun um and I think you know even the

32:40 Tibetan Buddhists talked about how we

32:42 can stop that wheel of karma and move on

32:44 and stop reincarnating and generally

32:47 there's different paths you can take

32:50 once you stop that wheel of karma

32:52 apparently you can live in a in a

32:54 dimension that's just blissful some

32:58 people want to do that some people need

33:00 that they've been you know

33:01 through enough trauma or pain that once

33:03 they reach that level they just want to

33:04 be there you can stop being there and

33:07 come back and reincarnate if you want

33:09 and that's the Bodhisattva path if you

33:13 want to become a teacher or a guide

33:15 whatever you can do that but anyways the

33:20 the point is is that you can move on and

33:22 but the key to being able to move on is

33:25 just to not feel judgment so in this

33:27 life it's the same thing like we have to

33:30 work on self-love I I get that it's a

33:32 hard thing it's a hard thing even for me

33:35 but the key to evolving in advancing is

33:39 just to not feel judgment towards

33:41 yourself and to not feel judgment from

33:42 other people because our cert our

33:44 spiritual guides certainly are not

33:46 judging us and in in these future lives

33:50 or of ascension and we when we live in a

33:53 fourth dimension or fifth dimension or

33:54 whatever phase nobody will be judging us

33:57 and so we were able to be in a world

33:59 where we have telepathy because there's

34:04 nothing to hide there's no feelings of

34:06 shame and that's an ascended space state

34:10 of being so you know there there are

34:14 things in life reviews that are not

34:16 judged per se but that are looked at as

34:19 okay that was a lesson you need to go

34:21 back in there for example suicide is

34:23 apparently a not learned lesson from

34:26 your life and you will need to go back

34:29 you will be encouraged to go back on

34:31 your own time only when you're ready to

34:33 relearn the challenges that causes you

34:35 to take your life and then you can

34:37 choose in that life to not take your

34:40 life and if you do it again and again

34:41 and again apparently you know there will

34:46 be some strong stepping in to help you

34:48 advance past that decision continual

34:50 tation decision to take your life so you

34:54 could read the books to find out more

34:55 it's pretty intense I don't honestly

34:57 remember all the details but it's kind

34:59 of like if they have to step in because

35:01 you keep taking your life in every life

35:03 then they'll do this thing called like

35:05 an energy washing so basically the wash

35:07 away all the traumas from your life and

35:09 you will lose part of your memory

35:11 your self-identity but you will still be

35:13 the same soul that you are and if you

35:16 keep doing it then apparently they'll

35:17 just have to do like a soul button reset

35:19 where you basically just lose all your

35:21 memories and start over as a brand new

35:22 soul so try to keep that in mind about

35:26 suicide it's not something that we need

35:28 to shame people about but I ever since

35:30 reading this book have had a strong

35:32 heart and helping people make different

35:34 choices when it comes to suicide because

35:36 I feel like it would be sad for them to

35:37 have to go back and relearn all this

35:38 again some people when I did my movie

35:41 about suicide it was a documentary film

35:43 but it never got launched it was a put

35:46 on shelf but it was about Robin Williams

35:48 and suicide awareness and depression

35:51 awareness when I did that movie you know

35:53 a few people did say some things that

35:55 really shook me which was that we

35:57 shouldn't judge people if they decide to

36:00 take with our life because some people

36:01 might be in such a dysfunctional place

36:04 that it might be just kind of like

36:05 almost like euthanasia just like

36:08 allowing themselves to be able to leave

36:11 this body and I think there might be

36:13 some truth to that and I think that our

36:15 souls will be in a private conversation

36:17 with our elders when it comes to suicide

36:19 it was like it might be like yeah I was

36:22 so dysfunctional that I literally

36:24 couldn't exist anymore in this dimension

36:26 any I needed to leave and they might

36:27 forgive that that might be something I

36:29 mean and again it's not about judgement

36:31 or forgiveness if I just be like alright

36:33 that's a good enough reason you can move

36:34 on but like it what I've heard from the

36:37 Tibetan Buddhists that is very helpful

36:39 when we leave this life when we leave

36:42 this dimension it's really all about

36:43 what energy did we leave with if we left

36:46 with like I'm running away I'm angry I'm

36:49 sad I'm mad I mean you know any of that

36:51 kind of energy that is gonna clue you in

36:57 to the fact that you might need to

36:58 reincarnate and clear that energy if you

37:00 leave this dimension in a happy positive

37:04 state of being if you leave with very

37:06 uplifting energy

37:08 you're gonna possibly be able to move on

37:10 I think in general it's pretty clear

37:13 that suicide doesn't leave with a

37:15 positive energy it leaves with a

37:16 negative energy so that's why it's

37:18 pretty much looked at as it's a not

37:20 learned lesson now there are exceptions

37:22 for sure and some suicides might

37:25 able to leave in a positive place so

37:27 yeah

37:28 that's between you and your council of

37:31 elders apparently so you're some people

37:33 were right when I made that movie that

37:35 like we shouldn't judge people and if

37:36 people are you know feeling like they're

37:39 making a really strong decision to take

37:41 their own life and and and they're doing

37:43 in the right energy and that that's fine

37:45 we shouldn't say you shouldn't commit

37:47 suicide and you know I feel like during

37:49 my time as a practicing Christian going

37:52 to church I was told by church members

37:55 and pastors that if you kill yourself in

37:58 this life that you will go to hell and

37:59 now I have a hard time hearing that

38:01 after reading journey of souls because I

38:04 don't believe there's like some sort of

38:05 hellish judgement like you're a murderer

38:08 bla bla bla I think it's definitely not

38:11 a positive thing for most people and it

38:14 can be you know a really bad thing but I

38:18 think also because you do hurt a lot of

38:20 people in that process but I don't think

38:22 it's something that's worth judging

38:24 others for if they take their own life

38:26 if a person in your life took their life

38:28 my dad took his own life my one of my

38:30 best friends took his own life I don't

38:32 judge them you know you may go through a

38:34 phase like I did where you're going

38:37 through the phases of grief and death

38:39 and you might be mad at them you might

38:42 be hurt that they left you and that's

38:45 okay but ultimately it's not up to us to

38:49 judge them and tell and think oh well

38:51 they're going to hell

38:52 you know it's it's really between them

38:54 in there their teachers on the other

38:58 realm so we can just you know take it in

39:01 stride if somebody in our lives takes

39:05 their lives and of course go through the

39:06 the grief and in the stages of grief and

39:10 I think we can pray for them in their

39:12 souls to find the peace that they need

39:15 so that they can ascend in future lives

39:16 I mean you know some of these people

39:17 might be in our soul group like I

39:19 believe my dad might be in either my

39:21 soul group or a neighboring group and

39:22 the fact that he took his life might be

39:25 something that I might you know be

39:28 working with him to review and when I

39:32 get to the astral plane I really hope

39:33 that I get to talk with him about why he

39:35 chose to take his life and what

39:38 that'll meant for him and what he

39:39 learned from it and all that so maybe

39:41 that's a way to look at it all right so

39:43 let's get let's move on from the topic

39:45 of suicide that's that's all very

39:47 discussed in that book genius holes and

39:50 decimals so I think it's important to

39:52 talk about but yeah so moving on and

39:55 let's get back to the topic of what is

39:57 ascension so I think it's important to

40:02 realize that ascension is just a higher

40:03 level of consciousness of being and that

40:06 we're actually all collectively going

40:08 through that as a planet right now we've

40:10 all been you know put here on this

40:13 planet or chosen to be home on this

40:14 planet because right now is a really

40:17 unique time in the history of planet

40:19 Earth in the sense that we're worth I

40:21 think we're completing a cycle of

40:22 consciousness and moving on to a new

40:25 cycle there's a there's a concept called

40:28 spiral dynamics I talked about it in the

40:30 episode that will be released soon with

40:32 Paul Brooks where we like we all evolved

40:37 from more primitive states of

40:38 consciousness than the higher levels of

40:40 consciousness and at each level there's

40:42 kind of a marked transition moment and

40:45 we're in that right now so right now the

40:47 level were is kind of going from this

40:50 collective evolution that we've evolved

40:54 to that you know we came from the lowest

40:59 level of consciousness of being like

41:01 cavemen or like being a child with basic

41:04 primal needs and getting those primal

41:07 needs met to then learning how to you

41:12 know get along with others in community

41:13 and have identities with other groups

41:15 instead of just ourselves and then we've

41:18 learned to collectively as a society

41:20 move into capitalism and you know even

41:23 entrepreneurialism and having a system

41:26 where we are able to individualize

41:30 ourselves but yet get our needs met

41:32 through an economic system that is all

41:34 collective and now we're moving into a

41:37 system where like I had mentioned before

41:39 like money might not be needed you know

41:43 people have been talking about the

41:44 universal basic income a lot more since

41:46 kovat happened and I think we're really

41:48 getting to the point now and Paul and I

41:50 talked about this where as a collective

41:53 consciousness I think we're moving into

41:55 this idea of community or moving into

41:59 this idea of co-creation where we're

42:04 moving into the idea of we're all one

42:07 whatever happens to one happens to

42:09 another so we all need to be there

42:11 together like I need to learn how to

42:13 care for Trump as much as I need to

42:15 learn how to care for my wife and my

42:18 daughter and everybody needs to be able

42:21 to get their needs met so that's kind of

42:23 the next level and there are levels

42:25 beyond that that we can't even fathom

42:27 right now but like it's good enough to

42:29 be able to be seeing the light at the

42:32 end of the tunnel for our culture and

42:34 society in a world right now to be

42:36 seeing oh my god we really are on the

42:37 verge of an ascension to this new level

42:41 of integrating our whole society into a

42:44 unit and unity consciousness and that's

42:47 when we when we move into that that's

42:48 where things like telepathy will happen

42:51 you know we might be able to understand

42:56 that okay I mean we can do things

42:58 together we can create whatever we want

43:00 together with the power of our minds and

43:03 not that power I've heard talked about

43:05 is scientifically documented when more

43:08 people focus on a meditative thought

43:11 together than just one person you can

43:13 actually create the impact for real so

43:17 for example there isn't that scientific

43:19 study that was done on crime in

43:21 Washington DC and about I don't know it

43:24 was like 6,000 meditators all at one in

43:28 one month every day focused on this

43:31 meditation together about reducing crime

43:33 in Washington DC and then it worked and

43:36 then when they all stopped

43:38 so the crime went down after that month

43:40 and then when they all stopped doing the

43:41 meditation the crime went way back up

43:44 again so it's you know and there's lots

43:46 of examples like that so that's an

43:49 interesting so I think what we're

43:53 collectively going through right now

43:55 will kind of create the basis for all

43:57 kinds of topics we can discuss in the

43:59 future on sacred rubble our seemd

44:04 by sinning he says I want telekinesis to

44:06 happen yeah I've actually been I've been

44:08 thinking about talking about telekinesis

44:10 - that's more of like moving objects

44:14 with your mind or levitating or floating

44:16 I'm I have dreams about that I've

44:18 definitely had ideas that that is

44:20 possible so I think that's definitely

44:23 something that can happen I think it all

44:24 comes together with an evolutionary

44:26 ascension so

44:30 the third you know you know ascension is

44:33 also kind of looked at as kind of

44:34 changing this planet into a heaven on

44:36 earth in fact the third dimension is

44:38 supposed to be a place where we deal

44:40 with duality or good versus evil

44:42 it's these lessons that we are supposed

44:44 to be learning to reconcile and then be

44:47 able to evolve in the fourth dimension

44:49 we're in the fourth dimension the earth

44:52 will be more of a place where we

44:53 understand a reality beyond duality

44:56 beyond good and evil good and evil will

44:59 become a more holistic and integrated

45:01 thing where we will be one with our

45:04 shadows and our loving sides our shadows

45:07 being our dark places we will just

45:10 integrate those we will accept those we

45:12 will not judge them we will not be at

45:14 war with good versus evil we will not

45:17 have anything to hide anymore so things

45:20 like telepathy and I think yes

45:22 telekinesis and all kinds of thing

45:25 manifesting things with our minds I

45:27 think a world will will be possible and

45:30 it will only happen with the whole

45:33 collective being able to be on that

45:37 evolutionary path together

45:39 so right now on this dimension we're all

45:42 individualized we're all on our own

45:43 individualized paths were we're all

45:46 [Music]

45:48 understanding the reality that we live

45:50 in a lot differently we all struggle

45:52 with our own individualism and I think

45:56 it's not until we begin to understand

45:58 things as a collective and how we're all

46:00 tied in together that we will be able to

46:02 evolve to the next level which is why I

46:04 really want to start discussions like

46:06 this online and and our since and let's

46:10 fly yes I agree we can fly I think that

46:13 would be the best way to get around whoo

46:15 UFOs ships we can just fly there maybe

46:18 create a little bubble so we don't get

46:19 like birds and ions or whatever but or

46:23 get cold maybe it'll be a

46:24 temperature-controlled bubble protected

46:26 bubble but um yeah so I think that world

46:31 is coming and it is possible so with

46:35 that I want to just stop talking about

46:37 the journey of souls for a moment and I

46:40 want to close this discussion up or this

46:42 it's not really a discussion is it's a

46:45 talk I'll just I'll kind of close this

46:48 talk up today with a dream that I had

46:50 and I want to speak to the dream world

46:52 right now really quick I think you know

46:55 I've been watching David Wilcock a lot

46:56 and a lot of friends including Constance

46:59 my wife and my friend Eric Brown who's

47:04 going to come on this podcast we already

47:05 did a podcast on the flip together which

47:07 you can watch there's a lot of talk

47:10 right now about dream work being really

47:12 important even my Tibetan Buddhist Lama

47:15 teacher says that you know dreams can be

47:18 like school like there can be spiritual

47:20 lessons in our dream sure some dreams

47:23 can just be gobbledygook and there's

47:25 nothing really to learn and in there

47:28 sometimes dreams are very important

47:30 sometimes our spirit if you want to get

47:32 in touch with your spirit guides

47:33 honestly the dream world is a great

47:36 place to start before you go to sleep

47:39 you can ask your spirit guides to come

47:41 to you in your dreams you can actually

47:43 ask for specific topics you want to

47:45 explore and it can happen I had this

47:47 happen you can say I want to fly I want

47:49 to learn how to fly my dreams tonight

47:50 there you go arseny you can learn how to

47:52 fly your dreams if you want so ask you

47:54 know our city says I am NOT a conjurer

47:58 of cheap tricks exactly like we can

48:02 really learn how to do these things in

48:04 the dream world and then create them in

48:07 the reality that we live in and that we

48:09 will be ascending into so um I think

48:13 what I've been experiencing in the dream

48:15 world though is more and more lessons

48:16 it's like really it's like the veil is

48:19 really thin right now and I feel like

48:20 I'm having more and more contact with

48:22 spirit guides and

48:23 lessons that are just really powerful

48:26 for example last night

48:29 oh my gosh so I had a dream or it was

48:33 kind of similar to that scene in Star

48:36 Wars where obi-wan Kenobi was about to

48:40 get hit with the light saber from Darth

48:42 Vader and he disappeared and he was gone

48:44 and what he did is he passed away by

48:47 choice into the afterlife so that you

48:49 would be able to help Luke Skywalker as

48:52 a spiritual guide and he said what it

48:54 was that famous line in Star Wars it was

48:58 something to the extent that he said to

48:59 Darth Vader well you you can't kill me I

49:01 will just become more powerful and

49:03 that's exactly what I experienced in my

49:06 dream last night where my body what felt

49:09 very impermanent and very useless in

49:11 this dimension and after I passed out of

49:15 my body I saw my daughter growing up and

49:19 I was able to help her as a spiritual

49:20 guide I hope I see her as a spiritual

49:25 guide as a very old person though

49:26 because I want to live in this life with

49:28 her for a very long time so I hope that

49:29 dream was not true in that sense but I

49:32 think what it is saying is that in the

49:35 spiritual world we will be able to

49:37 continue to impact this world this or

49:39 three-dimensional world as a spiritual

49:42 guide later to help bring people that we

49:44 loved and that we want to ascend to live

49:46 with us in the higher realms so I think

49:49 the lesson there for me was just pay

49:52 attention to the world that we want to

49:56 create and how we want how we want to

49:59 impact this world right now because it's

50:02 very very important right now to be

50:04 impacting this world so I think maybe

50:07 the practical point here is as we are

50:10 going through these times of Couzens 19

50:12 and you know some of us are still in

50:16 quarantine some of us are going back to

50:17 work some of us are still struggling

50:19 financially with money us some of us are

50:23 still depressed some of us are still

50:26 struggling there is a way that we can

50:29 reshift our mindsets about all this and

50:32 create the positive world that we want

50:34 and I think that was kind of the point

50:37 of my dream and so I hope that you guys

50:39 can all take away from this talk today

50:41 that

50:42 we are not who we think we are the world

50:44 is not what we think it is it's all very

50:47 loved there's a lot of guidance here

50:50 there's a there's a whole team of angels

50:53 surrounding each and every one of us and

50:54 they're looking out for us and it is on

50:57 this third dimension a battle between

50:59 good and evil but what we're looking to

51:01 reconcile is all together the good the

51:04 bad the ugly into a holistic perspective

51:07 that will help us move into a place of

51:09 unity and co-creation with the world so

51:12 with that I hope you guys have a good

51:15 day oh yeah thank you are saying if you

51:18 strike me down I will become more

51:20 powerful than you can possibly imagine

51:21 obi-wan so let that be your calling for

51:25 the day go go forth and know that if you

51:29 are feeling struck down it is okay

51:31 because you will only become more

51:33 powerful than you can possibly imagine

51:36 have a good day you sacred rebels talk

51:39 to you later

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