Full Length Weddings & Events

Anushka & Jeremy's Wedding, Mt. Hood, Portland, OR

Full Long film of Anushka and Jeremy's lush Indian wedding. Locations at a Private Home and Portland Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.

Parimal and Duncan's Wedding, Mt. Hood, Portland, OR

Full Day film of Parimal and Duncan's wedding on the foot of Mt. Hood at Mt. Hood Organic Farms. A fusion of Indian, Japanese, and Scottish cultures made this a very worldy wedding. 

Ashley McCullar Conducts Aurora Chorus Grace Before Sleep Concert

A full concert video of Ashley McCuller conducting the Aurora Chorus "Grace Before Sleep" Concert. Sunday December 12, 2015 at First Congregational Church, Portland, OR.

Portland Trailblazers Motorola Droid Ad Event Broll, Full Event

A full NBA basketball event needed coverage for one of their sponsors, Motorala's ad playing on the Jumbotron and B-roll for an in-house video to share with their sponsor on how the first-time playing ad went and who their target audience was and how they reacted to the ad. 

Amy & Patrick, Ke'e Beach, Kauai, HI Full Ceremony

A full ceremony video of a neo-traditionanal Hawaiian elopement wedding at sunset on Ke'e Beach.

Mary Ellen & Chris, Kauai, HI Full Ceremony

On a cliff overlooking Shipwrecks Beach with a traditional Hawaiian ceremony and a special honoring of a passed on loved one. 

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