Finding Hope Through Robin's Tale
Directed by: Ryan Ao

(Currently Shelved - Due to Robin Williams late wife stating Dimensia was the

most likely cause of Robin taking his life, not depression or being suicidal which 

makes his story more an issue of medically assisted death than suicide)

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This draft below has aimed to get a large chunk of the interesting subjects and clips laid out on the video editing program timeline.

The story has not been weaved together too much yet more than just having the film divided into 13 sections by topic.
Higher quality audio files have not been synched for most of movie yet. 

B-roll clips for most of movie have not been layed over interviews yet.

Large long chunks of interviews in movie have not been edited down and weaved together in a more interesting way yet. 

Created by: Ryan Ao Media

Finding Hope Through Robin's Tale aimed to explore Robin Williams life leading to his suicide, as well as find healing and solutions for suicide prevention. 50% of the profits of the film would have gone to Patch Adamʼs “Gesundheit! Institute” a free hospital specifically for low self-esteem people that uses humor to heal. Patch Adams was interviewed for the film and is in the 2nd Teaser trailer on this page.

Finding Hope Through Robin’s Tale Rough Draft 1 - Created by: Ryan Ao Media 

1st Teaser (new title)
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