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My grad school (Academy of Art, San Francisco) photography project was about Nature and Mankind. While photographing nudes in nature, I chose to create a different standard of beauty than that of mainstream media. I want to create a juxtaposition of the relationship mankind has with nature...both positive and negative. There is a contrast between the body and the elements of nature or man made objects. The flow of lines, and the harmony of the body with nature is the aim for the positive oriented "God-Us of Nature" shots. "The Nature of Man" is the other part of the series and focuses on the negative aspect of this relationship and is emphasizing on the disharmony, and angst or deeply troubled emotion in mankind. With my "artivism" approach, I aim to show that mankind is a part of nature, and that we can choose to be one with it, or we can choose to be separate and cause disharmony. There is an emphasis on bodies that don't necessarily conform to the troubling standard of beauty that our society imposes on both men and women. Focusing more on the uncertainties and everyday natural beauty in people, from hairiness, to voluptuousness, to aging, to bruises, breast cancer scars, dimples, veins, unevenness, and so forth. I hope that by putting more images in the mainstream of more attainable body types, that people can feel more comfortable with their bodies. Loving ones body fully is a fundamental start to loving oneself, being able to then to love others better, and in result a better world. To see some of the original photos and a blog entry about this project shoot click here.

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