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Your Commercial video Journey

We have found that all companies have at least 3 main phases of video needs with examples here >>>>>>>


How To Videos

All companies need videos that explain who they are, what their product or service is, and how to use their products and services. If you need a guide through this creation process contact AO Productions and let us go on this journey with you. 

Case Studies/

Customer Testimonals

Case Study/Customer Testimonial videos serve as a Companies references to their target audience. Here are some examples made by AO Productions. Contact us if you need a guide to help you create these kinds of videos for your company. 

Lifestyle Commercials

Making your customer the hero of the story, showing them using your product or service in their life and the emotions they feel as a result. This is Storybranding and the current direction that is bringing the most ROI and benefit to businesses trying to capture a target audience with: Emotion. Driven. Story. Contact AO Productions if you need a guide to help you through this journey of creation for your company. 


We guide you through finding your message aimed to make your target audience the hero of the story for best ROI.


Creative Briefs, Moodboards, Storyboards, Scripts, Call Sheets, Casting, Logistics, Permits, & All Master Production Documents.


Cinematic Commercial Video Production, Professional Photography, Podcasts, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Cinematic Music Composing, Distribution, Analytics, Social Media, Ad Campaigns

COACHING & Consulting

Private Coaching as well as Group Masterminds and Workshops for: Strategies for best ROI, Keywording, SEO, Analytics, Target Audience, Messaging, Types of Video, Types of Media,


AO is a Portland video production company that creates cine-doc style video content marketing. We focus on natural, aesthetically beautiful, remark-able, emotionally engaging storytelling that offers refinement to this essential human activity. AO provides video production Portland based as well as nationwide and worldwide.

Our team of videography artists utilize the highest quality equipment and techniques to capture the essence of moments that make time stand still. You and your viewers will have an experience of total connection and true artistry.

Under the direction of award winning owner and founder, Ryan Ao, our commercial video production consistently helps your brand story come alive in the hearts and minds of your target video marketing audience. With Ryan's 22 years of experience in the industry and 1,124 clients to date, he lead's the team to invoke a one-of-a kind style of craftsmanship and a passion for luminance that captures the spark of your bespoke message.




TV Host,

Home Shopping Network

I thought I couldn't find the right videographer online. Boy was I wrong. Ryan Ao is a pure delight. He was totally devoted to an intense 4 day shoot with 12 hour days and multiple locations. He was not only talented but he was on time and super professional.

He was flexible and when something needed to be changed and I didn't understand why - he explained it very patiently. I highly recommend Ryan for anyone who wants to create your version of your life as art. He is the guy! A++++ All the way!


VP Development,

Dick Clark Productions

IMDB Page >

I think the power of Ryan's story is that ‘odd’ behavior is often what ‘normal’ people dream of doing. The ‘oddballs’ are the brave few who actually do it. 


Content Marketing & Social Media Manager,


We love the totally dreamy, vintage vibe Portland corporate video production company founder Ryan Ao pulls off in music videos we’ve seen by him. Plus, we appreciate that his technically proficient and inventive work is driven by the human heart. This is due in part to the underlying understanding of storytelling being an “essential” human activity. The folks at AO may have something there: we may not live by narrative alone, but we would certainly be lost without it.


Director of Corporate 

Marketing & Branding,

Pacific Residential Mortgage

Ryan is an amazing guy and great to work with. His work is impeccable. Can't wait for our next project. You can visit Pacific Residential Mortgage's Facebook page to see the beautiful video he did for our company!


Major Hollywood Movie Script Supervisor

IMDB Page >

It’s a great piece, I’d hire Ryan in a second, looks professional, beats were cut well, music track he picked was wonderful, really nicely done, it’s a very professional looking piece.



Our 5 part mini course will show you practical ways that you can go through every step of video production from filming to editing to distribution. 

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